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2018 Midterms – time to decide whether we have a country or not

The liberal media is now psyching itself out as it prepares for major disappointments in the next few weeks. The New York Times just ran a “What if the unthinkable happens in November?” article in which they fret about their ‘ blue wave voodoo’ not working on the voters. Heh. And in Politico, they’re trying to soften their readers up with the bad news that the Very Special Witch Hunter Robert Mueller has got nothin’ after… wait, how many years has that fake investigation been going on, again? 

Politico broke the bad news to its readers that Mueller could end up applying Double Secret Twelfth Echelon Secret Probation Tippy-Top Secret protocols to his final report, which would mean that the public will never be able to see his findings. Quelle horreur! 

Now that would be funny! 

Chuck Schumer: “What do you mean it’s just a blank piece of paper? Why is it classified?”

Nancy Pelosi: “Shhhh… Trust me, Chuck, it’s better this way.” 

Can you imagine how bananas that would drive the progressive left? 

Mueller could classify his findings, just to avoid personal embarrassment. He brought his ‘A’ game along with his A-team of Hillary donor-lawyers to try to gin up false charges against Trump and failed. Sure, Mueller bagged Paul Manafort on a charge that almost no one has previously been charged with, ever since the Foreign Agent Registration Act was amended in 1966. 

Mueller charged a couple of people with lying to the FBI. He even charged some Russian entrepreneurs who sold T-shirts on Facebook during the 2016 election. Although, honestly, we’re still hoping Mueller will connect the dots on how some Russian T-shirt salesman’s sick Bernie meme ads that reached less than a hundred thousand people convinced so many Americans to switch their vote from Hillary to Trump. 

Prediction: If Mueller classifies his report, Trump will sit on it until the day after the Democrats nominate their 2020 candidate. Let them tear their hair out and act insane until they finally nominate the biggest conspiracy nut in the entire pack… and then share the report, which has nothing in it, with the public. Good times.

But enough 2020 prognosticating, we’ve got a different important election coming up here shortly.

As of last count, the Honduran welfare horde headed for the southern US border is now up to 10,000 (or 15,000?)  That’s after approximately 500 Hondurans quit and went back home because they didn’t want to spend the next few weeks marching next to so many hardened criminals, rapists and MS-13 thugs. 

If you haven’t been following this story, there’s another caravan of welfare check hopefuls dutifully marching from Central America to the real America. They don’t speak English, they have no job skills, a bunch of them are pregnant and the rest really are criminals.

Somehow this gaggle of people who want to be illegal aliens in America set out from Honduras JUST IN TIME to reach the US border before the elections to try to make President Trump look bad. 

Somehow, they knew exactly how long they would have to march and/or ride the trains to reach the US/Mexico border, all the way from Honduras – even though most, if not all of them, cannot read. It’s almost as if they had some help from someone! 

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) posted video of NGO activists handing out cash payments to members of the ‘welfare horde’ to help them on their journey. 

These were not to be confused with the NGO activists who were handing out cash payments to the Kavanaugh protesters before the Supreme Court confirmation hearings. 

The liberal media has rushed in to claim that Republicans have “seized” (the media’s new favorite word) on the video and are spreading a “conspiracy theory” that George Soros is behind the whole thing.

Curiously, they don’t show the video in question to their readers. Fine. We’ll play along. Prove us wrong. Do some journalism and identify the activists handing cash payments to the ‘welfare horde’ and tell us what NGO they work for. Instead of doing that, the media is relying on that age-old tactic of saying we’re wrong because they say we’re wrong.


So, here they come once again. Could this event look any more fake? Don’t be surprised if Soros – sorry, if someone – has hired a guy wearing a Border Patrol costume and a red MAGA hat to shoot a pregnant illegal alien in front of NBC’s cameras, using an AR-15 with a bump stock attachment. 

CNN’s Jake Tapper: “This is not a partisan political stunt. It’s a human rights catastrophe!” *sniffle* 

This entire “migrant caravan” is being staged to manipulate people’s emotions and get them to vote for Democrats. It’s a media spectacle and nothing more. Please don’t let them get away with this. This is just another ‘blue wave voodoo’ spell designed to get you to stay home on election day in frustration. Instead, punish them at the ballot box, because it’s much more fun.

Remember 2016? Yeah, that was awesome!

And can we please dispense with calling them “immigrants” or “migrants?” They are marching toward our border while proudly waving their home countries’ flags. The word for that is “invasion.” Period.

If “election meddling” is really the biggest and worst crime of the century ever, why does George Soros repeatedly get a pass for this bull excrement?

Since we’re talking about election meddling, Democrats pitched another conniption fit last week when the state of Nevada purged 90,000 fake, dead or otherwise illegitimate voters from its voter rolls.

The Democrats hurled the usual epithets of racism and disenfranchising voters and so forth.

Why so much venom, guys? Oh, right. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in Nevada by only 25,000. We wonder what the outcome of the 2016 election would have been in Nevada if all of those fake votes had been purged earlier.

The bottom line is that this November, we have an opportunity to keep our country. We can either be a nation with borders, or we won’t be a nation. If the government cannot or will not stop an invasion of our southern borders, we may as well stop funding our military and shut this whole farce down.

We can announce to the world that America is not a country, we have no borders, come on in and kill us all and take our stuff, since that’s the only political philosophy you understand in your home countries.

Or, we can turn out and vote to keep the Republicans and, by extension, President Trump, in power. 

[Courtesy: American Liberty Report.]




Thousands of South Americans waiting to cross over to the US from Mexico