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All of you Elites lost, America Won

Yatindra Bhatnagar

Sorry, Los Angeles Times, New York Times and all those big newspapers and mainstream media and some of the Indian-American magazines, all the expert pollsters and the political, academic and liberal-leftist elite, many of the Hollywood elites and ‘bold’ performers with filthy songs and unacceptable words, all of you have lost miserably. You proudly endorsed Hillary Clinton, the Democrat, for president and kept blasting the Republican Donald Trump viciously, often using the most derogatory words, and pronounced him to be unfit for the White House. You were the most vicious manipulators in a scripted campaign devoid of truth and sincerity. But you lost.   

You and the Hillary campaign never lost a chance to pick on something that really was a distraction and tried hard to take the momentum away from the REAL issues. But you lost here also.  

And President Barack Obama also lost. He and his wife Michelle along with Hillary’s ‘famous’ husband and former President Bill Clinton were spearheading a massive, money and power-propelled aggressive campaign against Trump but also lost badly.

The so-called unfit candidate stunned you and your surrogates in the media and big business. Special interest, educated, liberal and left-leaning elite, open border advocates and tax-and-spend lovers, were left wondering what really happened! How on earth he won! What happens to the Obama Legacy the President wanted badly and hoped Hillary will continue it?.

Trump fooled you, floored you and won many of the states that had voted Barack Obama in the last two elections and had sided with your darling Hillary when she was challenging Obama in 20O8.

What happened was that all the “deplorables, clingers, infidels, and the so-called ‘white supremacists’, common working class Americans emphatically said Enough is Enough. They were joined by nearly half the women in this country (a report put the number at 42%, even college-educated) belying a claim by Hillary-supporters that women were disgusted by Trump and want a woman to occupy the Oval Office. These women supporters of Trump also gave a fitting reply to the former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who made a ridiculously mindless  statement that all the women that do not vote for Hillary will go to hell.

Well, half the women preferred to defy ‘that, and that’ woman and voted for Trump despite all that anti-women spray the Republican candidate’s name was plastered with. Obviously, all women did not believe what was relentlessly drummed about what Donald Trump said about women. They had realized that Hillary and her supporters have completely overlooked what was done to women by Hillary’s husband and what he, Hillary and her other supporters did to destroy, defame and denigrate the helpless victims of lust and power. So much for Hillary’s ‘Feminism!’

It’s also a myth that an ‘Overwhelming Majority’ of the minorities voted for Hillary. Sure, there were supporters of Trump in those groups also.    

Donald Trump got solid support from the silent majority that was denigrated and ignored by Hillary. Trump struck a chord with people disgusted with special interest and the vast money-machine supporting Hillary. The Republican candidate was enthusiastically favored by those who lost their jobs to the whims of Environmentalists, the bleeding hearts for massive illegal immigration and the influx of the so-called refugees from the Middle East and other countries.

Trump was also the favorites of those who are suffocated with more and more government regulations and control of their lives by a liberal-leftist-politicized bureaucracy and an out-of-control President who thinks he is The King and kept bypassing the elected - and entrusted with the task- Congress with his Executive Orders on everything. These people were seething with anger, emotion and disgust with the ideological shift the Obama administration was deliberately making to change the roots, culture, heritage and beliefs of the American people and their history.

Liberalization, globalization multi-culturalism, and the vicious movement to drive God out of America also did not sit well with the American culture and tradition. Obama’s moves to surrender to the United Nations - dominated by enemies of America - and surrendering the country’s sovereignty in various ways resulting in sure weakening of the United States militarily, economically and culturally did not find enough supporters in the nation.

In addition, the big baggage Hillary was carrying coupled with her arrogance, extreme carelessness in keeping state secrets, amassing of wealth by dubious means and mishandling of the state department where she was the boss multiplied by the dubious choice of her close aides and shady foreign donors made her more and more vulnerable.

The WikiLeaks’ disclosures about Hillary’s conduct, the mainstream media’s collusion with her campaign and the destruction of classified e-mails coupled with constant lying and manipulating the FBI off and on, were too much for the people to accept. Her conduct became indefensible. Her message did not resonate with the common people. Her appeal sounded hollow. Her public and private face could not continue to deceive the people.

I don’t understand why many newspapers, magazines and the mainstream media endorsed and worked actively for Hillary Clinton.  Why on earth did you endorse a career politician with a controversial background and surrounded by special interest being investigated about very serious accusations. Did you not read the mood of the people correctly or did you want the voters to think your way?

Obviously, Clinton’s elite supporter groups and vested interests totally ignored the gravity of accusations against her. Setting up a private server and carelessly handling of state information where even a housemaid (not security-cleared) had access to classified mail, faxes and printouts, was a serious crime. Many lesser mortals are behind bars for doing just a small fraction of what Hillary did. Additionally, destruction of evidence, lying to FBI, conflict of interest and misuse of her position in raising money for Clinton Foundation, her legendary ‘untruthfulness,’ and so on were intentionally ignored by The Elite. However, all that was frowned upon by The People, The Silent Majority, The Deplorables etc.    

They, rightly, did not trust the mainstream media, the pollsters, Obama and his wife Michelle’s rhetoric, their appeal for continuing the Obama Legacy. They did not believe all the crap against Trump spewed by Hillary’s camp. The Hillary campaign showed that she and her supporting media, by and large, was oblivious of the pain, problems and perception of the common people. How can a person with that record be fit for the Oval Office?

The people understood that but not Hillary, not the mainstream media.

The people trusted Trump. They believed that he wants a strong America, a nation not burdened by illegal immigrants and unwanted ‘refugees’ from suspected countries, his anger at doubling of the national debt in the last eight years, and his concern for the jobless, insecure, uncertain, overtaxed and ignored people of America.

Donald Trump spoke bluntly. He dismissed Political Correctness. He made seemingly outrageous statements. He blasted big business and special interests. He promised to bring back capital and jobs for the American people. He vowed to end the controversial and dubious Obamacare. He promised to reconsider and change trade deals that have damaged America and its economy.         

And all that worked. That concern clicked. That clear thinking appealed. That resolve to make the country great again resonated across the nation.

And that brought the desired result. That movement succeeded. Donald Trump created history with his remarkable win against all odds.

We will, and should, honestly give Donald Trump a chance to perform. We should, and will, watch him and his administration. If he performs, and be effectively and sincerely on the path to fulfill even half of his promises, we will wholeheartedly applaud and congratulate the people for their choice. If he falters, fails and disappoints, we will not forgive and do have the power to show him the door at the earliest opportunity.

For now? Best of luck! Our prayers, and hopes for a new era of unity,  new dreams, peace and prosperity.