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An Amazing event of beauty, memories and women empowerment

Yatindra Bhatnagar

Last Sunday, November 13, was an amazing 12-hour day of fantastic display of beauty, make-up skill, memories, transformation and women empowerment that will linger on in my memory for ever.

That was the first time for me to see our beautiful granddaughter, Tamanna Roashan, in a day-long performance demonstrating and teaching her exquisite skills of make-up. There was a very large audience of lovely and talented young women from several countries and as many nationalities. The vast Ball Room of Palace Hotel, San Francisco’s majestic landmark, was hosting Tamanna’s sold-out event for women from India to London to New York to Venezuela and in-between. It was one of the many DressYourFace signature events.

My daughter and Tamanna’s mother Sujata, sensing that I might not be interested in the make-up class – far removed from my profession of journalism - had told me to not bother to spend a long time, may be a couple hours, and go out to enjoy Northern California’s lovely weather.

However, once we three, Sujata, my son-in-law/son Mujtaba and I came down to the Foyer from our room, the amazing spectacle started to unfold. Lines had started forming right from morning with beautiful and committed beauticians and other young women anxiously eager to learn more, and just be there to see her and meet her in person. The teaching seminar, held periodically in some of the major cities in the United States is regarded as the unique display of practical and in-depth training course by an accomplished world leader in the field. It’s also an  unquestionably valuable learning experience for the passionate and committed young women out to change lives, including their own.

There were models and make-up artists. There was Tamanna with her own model on whom she worked for hours, talking, demonstrating, contouring, highlighting and to me, completely transforming her face, eyes, mouth, eye-lashes and skin in a fun-filled, effective, interesting and skilled way. The final result was admirable.  The demonstration continued for several hours that made me sit and listen, appreciate and take pride in Tamanna and her committed students. That was my unique Northern California visit.

That all the participants were familiar with not only Tamanna and her husband Khushal, a vital part of the seminars, her Mom Sujata and Dad Mujtaba but with Nana (Me) and Nani (my wife Sadhana) showed that Tamanna has built up her DressYourFace organization not only to teach a lovely subject, but to make and expand a huge family worldwide. She reaches out to people, touches the lives of her 2.5 million followers/fans and inspires thousands of students that attend her seminars and classes offered on-line or live as part of her or DYF Academy.

There were several occasions when Tamanna mentioned us and received applause. There were numerous occasions when the participants came up to me to express their sorrow at Sadhana’s passing and also to talk to me and get photos with me.

They laughed with me. They cried with me. They listened to my stories and memories with Nani and they shared their own stories with me. After all, they had become a part of our family. They all had become my new granddaughters, already grown, beautiful, talented, caring and sharing and eager to change the world to make it a better place to live. That was also what women empowerment really means – a will to go out to work, set a goal, make a mark, change lives (own and others’) and be extremely useful and productive members of the communities they live in.

Tamanna was wonderful and fantastic and amazed me with her stamina (in this condition – she is expecting in a couple months), and her skill with brush and words. She has all the ingredients for expert oratory - just the right amount of humor and perfect weight of valuable information given in an easy, simple yet effective manner. The participants were doing make-up, ably assisted by Tamanna’s expert DYF staff going round the tables. Medina, the model Tamanna worked on for hours, had undergone various phases of make-up and looked stunning.

This was Tamanna’s last seminar before she takes a maternity vacation, sort of, and what a seminar! She made it a special one as she had lived in the Bay Area for about a quarter century, graduating from High School and College here, learned the art here and started her illustrious career here. She said it was Homecoming for her.

And appropriately DressYourFace selected a Homecoming Queen from among the participants. Several rounds of nomination and elimination concluded with the Venezuelan artist who was crowned the winner and awarded an exquisitely beautiful mirror. The Runners-up were also given special prizes with each and every participant getting a big goody bag of expensive, useful and big name brand makeup products.

Tamanna invited her family on stage and introduced all of us to appreciative applause from the audience. 

The show ended with a long-awaited meet and greet and photos with Tamanna. The participants waited in long lines for several hours and never quit. Each one of them was able to spend time with their favorite makeup artist that they so admire, talking to her and taking photos and selfies. Many gifts were brought for Tamanna and her yet-to-be-born baby. It was heartwarming. It was a big, loving family re-union at its best with cheers and applause from the beginning to end, and in between.

For me it was a memory to cherish.