Attack on Humanity

Yatindra Bhatnagar

A thousand dads were lost in the blast,

A thousand moms vanished so fast,

A thousand kids waited in vain,

A thousand friends not seen again.

The whole world cried in intense pain.

“Honey, I love you,” was message the last,

“Me too,” unheard remained a distant past,

“When are you coming home?” but no reply,

Loving hearts were pierced, by terror’s ally.

Death and destruction descended from sky.

A gruesome strike, by the hands of evil,

A tragedy hosted, by the deadly devil,

Goddess of Liberty, witnessed the fire,

Faceless foes deployed, by Satan on hire.

Innocents perished in your evil ire.

Tall Towers proclaimed global bonds in trade,

The hub of defense, a symbol it made,

The Big City never slept, they said,

The targets they were, for a cowardly raid.

But wages of sin, you now have paid. 

You killers, your mom never lovingly hold,

Your priest compassion never you told,

Your father, alas, never wanted you brave,

Your religion, never, good advice you gave.

But Devil’s flag you always did wave.

Terror, cruelty, and brutality you know,

Seeds of hate and murder, you always sow,

Love, courage and harmony to you unknown,

Bombs, knives and bullets you ever own.

Tenderness never in dreams you’ve shown.

Your schools taught you, nothing but hate,

Your friends conspired to kill, not mate,

Teachers gave you credit for murder rate,

You were promised angels, at Heaven’s gate.

Only savagery, barbarism were your fate.

In flying schools, you learnt only to crash,

You cared not to build, only to smash,

You fly in the skies, and hijack the plane,

Your book of life, made you insane.

Teachings of saints, for you were in vain.

We are in pain, we are deeply hurt,

Our nation’s symbols, made ash and dirt,

Lives lie shattered, and losses are vast,

Wounds may heal, but memories will last.

The future will ever, remember the past.

But hear, you nameless, faceless brutes,

Our pride, our freedoms have deep roots,

You failed to smash, our ideals supreme,

You have made us all, a stronger team.

Who knows it was all, the Lord’s scheme.

You dented our trust, but united us all,

“The nation at war,” is the clarion call,

You challenged the giant, it’s awake, astride,

You are on the run, and nowhere to hide.

We’ll fight for justice, and God’s our guide.

No place for hatred, no terror, no strife,

We fight together, for liberty and life,

“Rid the world of evil,” our leader says,

Whatever the price, we’ll find the ways.

 Enemies of the world, start counting your days.

[Written 9/11/2001, the day of the National tragedy]