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'Bill O'Reilly Was Murdered in Cold Blood,' Author Says

His crime?

David Horowitz says, it's simple: O'Reilly was the most powerful voice in cable television and he treated Trump fairly and criticized the dishonesty of the anti-Trump media. 

[O’Reilly was recently unceremoniously removed from Fox news network and the number one O’Reilly Factor due to unsubstantiated – but un-contested sexual harassment allegations which the Fox star denied completely. ] 

Horowitz first warned of such attacks in his new runaway bestseller "Big Agenda: President Trump's Plan to Save America." 

"Even before he took the oath of office, the press, working with Barack Obama's most loyal aides, decided they were going to do whatever it would take to stop President Trump, and sabotage his administration," Horowitz says. 

In "Big Agenda", Horowitz claims far-left groups began funding an effort to use all the levers they could pull — big media, academia, government insiders, Democratic front groups — to stop Trump's conservative plan to drain the swamp and save America. 

A key part of the plan, he says, has been to "take out" Trump allies in the media and conservative circles. 

"They dredged up years-old, unsubstantiated allegations to torpedo O'Reilly," Horowitz argues, noting that the influential TV host was a voice for honesty in the media and a defender of Donald Trump. 

O'Reilly played a key role in helping Trump by speaking directly to white, middle-class voters in places like Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. 

Horowitz noted that after Trump won, Obama even made a cryptic comment, saying Fox News played a key role in defeating Hillary. 

And O'Reilly was the #1 rated host! He had to be stopped, Horowitz argues. 

Horowitz's "Big Agenda" has been sitting at the top of the New York Times bestseller list for over nine weeks! It’s also #1 on Amazon, but the liberal media like CNN, CBS, NBC and others won't interview Horowitz. 

Why do CNN and the big media fear David Horowitz and "Big Agenda"?

Here’s the one really big reason: "Big Agenda" is the first book to expose the media for operating as a political force, an adjunct of the Democratic Party, to stop President Trump. 

In "Big Agenda" Horowitz names names and reveals their plot to destroy Trump. 

Horowitz also was the first to share Trump's "secret plan" to take back America and drain the swamp in Washington during his first 100 days.

In fact, Horowitz has detailed 21 major moves President Trump was going to take — and already 11 have come true! 

Now, in "Big Agenda," Horowitz says the White House will reveal a major offensive against the liberal establishment right after the first 100 days — which he calls "Phase Two." 

The Trump plan has 3 major phases, Horowitz says. 

You might be shocked about Phase Two. It includes a major war Trump will actually begin, one that will decimate a certain group and demonstrate America’s resolve like no other. 

"Big Agenda" has been hailed by leading conservatives, including Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Lou Dobbs, Mike Reagan, and others. 

They say it's the only book exposing the media and offering Trump's real agenda with a plan for you to help our president! 

Horowitz says several major "big shoes" will soon be dropped by Trump that will send shockwaves through the establishment. It's all in the book! 

"No president since FDR and his famed '100 Days' has the chance Donald Trump has," Horowitz argues. 

But he writes that the GOP and Trump must recognize that they are not just fighting policy ideas, but an ideology — a progressive one with a radical agenda to stop Trump in an effort to reduce America's power and greatness. 

Now even President Trump agrees with David Horowitz — Obama won't go away! 

[Obama has set up his headquarters just two miles from the White House in Washington D.C. and has a big group with huge budget working for his plans, it’s reported.]