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California Democrats Prefer Criminals Over Legal Gun Owners

Deputy Matt

In a move that absolutely defies the slightest semblance of logic; the Democrat- controlled California State Senate passed a measure that will lower the sentences for felons who used a gun in the commission of their crimes. Yes, you read that right. They are reducing sentences for criminals using guns. These are the very same Democrats that constantly create and pass stricter and stricter gun control laws, and who constantly scream, cry and whine about how guns are bad.

“Sen. Steven Bradford (D-Gardena) said he introduced the bill after a 17-year-old riding in a car involved in a drive-by shooting was sentenced to 25 years in prison even though he denied shooting the gun.”

Wait; let me see if I got this right, a participant in a drive-by denied doing it?  A criminal denied committing the crime for which they are in prison?  Is this moron serious?  Prisons are filled with people (who say we) “didn’t do it.”

The bill, SB 620, passed based solely on Democrat votes. Not a single Republican voted for it, and even some Democrats were not stupid enough to pass this ridiculous bill. This bill just furthers California’s continued (idiotic) approach of going soft on crime, which started with AB 109, followed by Prop 47, and most recently topped off with Prop 57.

Statistically speaking, the overwhelming majority of crimes involving the use of a firearm (like 99%) are committed by suspects who obtained their guns illegally, and most of those suspects are prohibited persons who are unable to legally possess a gun. They are in fact the very people that lawmakers should seek to lock up for extended periods of time. But instead, they are the very people whom the Democrats are seeking to lessen the prison sentences on.

As a career California cop, and a gun owner, the passage of this bill conveys a special message. It tells me that these Democrat politicians are more concerned with the lives of convicted felons who used a gun in the commission of their crime than they are about law abiding gun owners who are guilty of nothing more than the ‘unspeakable’ act of merely owning a gun. There really is no other way to logically interpret this. To them, law abiding gun owners are bad, but using a gun in the commission of a felony is acceptable.

The insanity in this state has reached previously unfathomable levels, and it shows no signs of reversing course.

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“Obama, the senior official and other administration representatives weren’t telling the whole story on Jan. 17, last year, in their highly choreographed rollout of the prisoner swap and simultaneous implementation of the six-party nuclear deal,” Politico’s Josh Meyer reports.

The seven men released on that day as a “humanitarian” gesture were deeply tied to Iran’s nuclear arms efforts, and one was connected with procurement for improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that killed American soldiers in Iraq.

“They didn’t just dismiss a bunch of innocent business guys,” a former federal law enforcement supervisor who was centrally involved in the hunt for Iranian arms traffickers and nuclear smugglers told Politico. “And then they didn’t give a full story of it.”

Politico noted that federal prosecutors and agents were shocked and furious when they learned of the release; many of them had reportedly spent years, others decades, “working to penetrate the global proliferation networks that allowed Iranian arms traders both to obtain crucial materials for Tehran’s illicit nuclear and ballistic missile programs and, in some cases, to provide dangerous materials to other countries.”

Politico wrote:

Three prisoners released were allegedly part of an illegal procurement network supplying Iran with U.S.- made microelectronics with applications in surface-to-air and cruise missiles like the kind Tehran test-fired recently, prompting a still-escalating exchange of threats with the Trump administration. Another was serving an eight-year sentence for conspiring to supply Iran with satellite technology and hardware. As part of the deal, U.S. officials even dropped their demand for $10 million that a jury said the aerospace engineer illegally received from Tehran.

But that was not all.

Politico also noted that “in a series of unpublicized court filings, the Justice Department dropped charges and international arrest warrants against 14 other men, all of them fugitives.”