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Corrupt Clinton Foundation Finally Under Investigation

 The Wolf Of Washington


In welcome news to Americans who have long seen the Clintons for exactly who they are, U.S. Attorney Josh Durham has announced a long-overdue probe into the Clinton Foundation, which has long been the source of rightfully immense suspicion.

Thus far, Durham has proven his mettle as an attorney by investigating the bogus origins of the Russia probe, which have delighted both President Trump and Lindsey Graham, both of whom are acutely aware of the Democrats’ shady dealings, which have moved from unethical to unconscionable.

In the process, Durham’s investigation has also raised suspicions regarding the Clinton Foundation, which many others have been suspicious of for the past several years.

It turns out that Mr. Durham also focused attention on certain political enemies of Mr. Trump: the Clintons.

Mr. Durham, the U.S. attorney in Connecticut assigned by Mr. Barr to review the Russia inquiry, has sought documents and interviews about how federal law enforcement officials handled an investigation around the same time into allegations of political corruption at the Clinton Foundation, according to people familiar with the matter.

Mr. Durham’s team members have suggested to others that they are comparing the two investigations as well as examining whether investigators in the Russia inquiry flouted laws or policies. It was not clear whether Mr. Durham’s investigators were similarly looking for violations in the Clinton Foundation investigation, nor whether the comparison would be included or play a major role in the outcome of Mr. Durham’s inquiry. [Source: Breitbart]

In terms of which specific aspects of the Clinton Foundation caught Durham’s attention, as plenty exist to choose from, some include the sale of rather interesting substances.

“In November 2017, then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed Huber, the U.S. attorney for Utah, and other senior prosecutors to evaluate “certain issues” involving the sale of Uranium One, and other dealings related to the Clinton Foundation. Sessions tapped Huber after requests by congressional Republicans, who had been calling for the appointment of a special counsel to review the matters.” [Source: Town Hall]

Exactly which charitable purpose would uranium serve?

While the nefarious activities (and tentacles) of the Clinton Foundation are far too long to delve into within a singular article, it is quite clear that Durham has more than ample evidence to pursue the Clinton Foundation for the sham that it is. Whether or not the fake news media covers it is irrelevant, as the DOJ certainly won’t ignore any revelations turned up by Durham.

After all, AG Barr, who has already acted swiftly in a number of other manners, has noted that charges could be filed, depending on the outcome of Durham’s review; he refused to pander to the media by answering whether or not such charges may be fired before the election in November.

The above is really no surprise when considering the cloth that both Bill and Hillary are cut from. From Bill’s rather unique friendship with Epstein to Clinton’s escapades as Secretary of State, both have clearly used the United States (and authoritarian governments) as their personal piggy bank for who knows how many years.

In fact, Hillary’s corruption is so blatant that filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza created an entire documentary on Clinton, Hillary’s America: The Secret of the Democratic Party in 2016, which provides terrifying insight into the key influences on the Clintons, along with Hillary’s near-insatiable thirst for power.

In truth, it is no stunner that Clinton lost the key battleground state of Florida in 2016. First, Obama unwisely decided to cozy up to Castro (again) just before the election, which enraged already right-leaning Cubans. After all, millions of Cubans are in the United States for a reason, and it certainly isn’t for socialism (aka, communism behind a “nicer sounding” name).

Second, the Clintons are well known to have absconded with millions of dollars from their foundation, which were ostensibly for the devastation of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. That blatant theft resulted in a Haitian protest outside the Clinton Foundation headquarters in New York City. Curiously, the fake news media didn’t feel compelled to cover that one.

Now, with Durham’s probe on deck, one can only hope that the Clintons are finally, if never fully, exposed for what they’ve really done to damage the United States, beginning with Bill’s overly friendly exchanges with China, likely resulting in massive intellectual property theft, in the 1990s.

At this point, it is clear that the fake news media certainly will not try and convict the Clintons (in fact, some of them may end up mysteriously disappeared if they do so); however, the real justice would be for the probe to result in criminal proceedings, lending credence to Trump’s urging to lock her up.