Current Affairs

Counting Lies

Yatindra Bhatnagar

(This letter was published by Pasadena Weekly on 3/28/19)

Miguel Espinosa, Jr. wants a law against lies by politicians, (Pasadena Weekly, March 3) but targets President Trump with his own lie. He starts with ‘the selection’ of Donald Trump’ where as he was duly ‘elected’ according to the current laws.

Then he relies on some ‘estimates’ to accuse the president of telling ‘20 or more lies and misleading statements on a daily basis.’ What are these if not your own lies Mr. Espinosa!  How did you, or anybody accusing the president, count those ‘lies’ which on your own ‘rumored estimate’ (when added) reach a staggering figure of 15,800 so far. The president has no other job, or doesn’t transact any national duties, but keeps churning out lies after lies? Wow!

It’s easy to accuse anybody with lies but to prove is hard. Yes, politicians do tell lies and make tall promises to get elected – promises they rarely keep. However, here is Trump who promised things in his campaign and, in just two years has fulfilled many. He created more jobs reducing unemployment, reduced taxes to put more money into the pockets of the common man, made the European allies contribute more money as their share of protecting them, and shifted the US embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing the city as the legitimate capital of Israel – a promise many previous presidents made but never implemented.

As promised, Trump is constantly trying to bring back jobs that went abroad during previous years; set to secure the southern borders to stop illegal influx (and facing liberal/Demo opposition), and strengthen the military, both also as he promised to do in his election campaign.

Still he is accused of telling lies? Shame on those who think and say, and write, and accuse, him for lying with invented and unbelievably exaggerated and unproven figures!

Yes, I will agree there ‘oughta be a law’ for lies and proven lies – for all.