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Destroying Democracy by Impeachment of Trump

It's a sad day for American democracy when a Democratic -controlled Congress in their zeal to negate the results of the 2016 election have started destroying the presidency of Donald Trump on grounds that could at best be described as 'flimsy' and 'based on doubly hearsay' tidbits' and some drunken outbursts'.

There is no solid evidence of Trump doing something that can be remotely related to high crimes that warrant impeachment. The mere fact that the Democrats have lost all hopes to defeat Trump in 2020 that they started their own obstruction and abuse of power since they gained a majority in the House in 2018.

However, right from the day Trump announced his candidacy and right from the day he took the oath of office as the President of the United States after being duly elected and waiting three months for customary oath-taking, he has seen resistance, obstruction, criticism, non-acceptance, and sabotage.

Nineteen minutes after he took office one of the staunchest anti- Trump paper, the Washington Post, came out with an article promoting impeachment. The leftist and radical Congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib just after her election in 2018 vowed to "impeach the M...F." That was utterly shameful. Throughout the campaign, during the period after election and during the last three years all-out efforts to destroy Trump and bring him down have continued. The Democrats, the liberals, the leftists, the hate-Trump crowd of Hollywood celebrities etc are busy trying to undo the results of 2016 and ignore the dozens of nation-building acts Trump has done.

These are the reasons, the basis and the pretext of bringing out impeachment resolution. 

It's a sad day for the country that is being misled by a power-hungry bunch of politicians who don't care about the people, the nation's needs, creation of jobs, bringing down unemployment, cutting taxes, getting best deals in international trade talks and agreements, and securing the borders. They are bent upon destroying Trump and shaming Democracy - all in the name of Democracy.