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Director, Who?

Yatindra Bhatnagar

A British visitor vacationing in the US seems to have studied enough to dismiss Donald Trump as ‘aspiring dictator’ as the headline in Los Angeles Times letter (Oct. 22) claims. The writer had obviously no time to study or definitely turned a blind eye to the mistakes, blunders and “extreme carelessness” of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. He doesn’t know her conduct while handling state secrets, her conflict of interest in personal fundraising, mismanaging the state department where billions of dollars went missing, Benghazi murders of four Americans, including the ambassador, destroying thousands of incriminating e-mails, and also destroying women who claimed to have been exploited/misused/abused by her husband, Bill Clinton.

I have not seen a single statement of hers condemning his conduct.

Hillary said they were “dead broke” when they left the White House. Now their Foundation raises hundreds of millions of dollars (including from dictators and shady businesses) but gives a tiny amount as actual charity. The writer didn’t know that?

The worthy British vacationer doesn’t care about hordes of illegals flooding the US, massive so-called Syrian refugees invading Europe and the US, numerous acts of terror all around, and weakening of American military and economic strength. He has no knowledge of the US adopting very soft corner for countries that chant ‘Death to America’ and still loving them. Hillary has been, and is, a vital part of all this mess.

It’s astonishing that Hillary Clinton has escaped punishment that has been handed down to other lesser mortals for a fraction of what she has done. And you write about the Rule of Law?


[Oct. 22, 2016. Los Angeles Times did not print this, for obvious reasons, I guess]