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Editor Campaigns for Hillary Clinton

Yatindra Bhatnagar

The front page ‘editorial’ by Nimmi Raghunathan (India Journal, October 28) is one of the finest in bitterly blasting the Republican candidate Donald Trump and totally promoting the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The Clinton campaign team should learn the strategy from this article that has set up a higher standard of campaigning suitable for a totally committed, professional political crusader.

While the Editor chose to brand Trump with all kinds of evil words and deeds – mostly unsubstantiated – and ignored his clear stand on the real issues before the nation, she has heaped all kinds of praise on Hillary Clinton. Trump’s fault is that he is NOT “Politically Correct,” is blunt and un-diplomatic, and not a two-faced politician well-grounded on politicking.

The editor has totally ignored Hillary’s dismal record at the State Department, the scandal of “extreme carelessness” in setting up a private server for classified state information and the destruction of thousands of e-mails. No mention is made of Hillary’s escaping criminal charges by a pliant FBI when lesser mortals have been severely punished for a fraction of the same conduct. Reports are out that the wife of an FBI Deputy Director was given half a million dollars for her campaign by a close associate of the Clintons. The connection and the result are evident.  

Moreover the numerous sexual scandals of Hillary’s husband, the absence of any adverse reaction to them by Hillary, even her calling it a “ vast right-wing conspiracy” apart from trying to destroy the women who accused Bill Clinton of serious sexual misconduct, found no place in the article. The praise for Hillary on being the “Voice of All Women” sounds hollow as she not only did not allow those accusing Bill to be heard but tried to discredit, destroy and defame them.

The series of lies by Hillary is a legend right from the claim that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb the Everest. Hillary was born in 1947 and Edmund Hillary became famous only in 1953. She had also claimed to have come under sniper fire on a visit to Bosnia. The TV footage showed no sniper fire but a cordial welcome right on the tarmac.  

Hillary Clinton’s accountability in Benghazi attacks on American embassy and the killing of four Americans, including the ambassador, is too glaring to ignore. Her support for Open Borders to allow hordes of illegal immigrants and also "refugees" and her “secret” speeches to big biz that got her hundreds of thousands of dollars show her two-sides, public and private postures.

And remember, when the Clintons left the White House Hillary had declared that “we are dead broke.” Now The Clinton Foundation of Bill, Hillary and Chelsea gets hundreds of millions of dollars from dictators, tyrants and dubious characters – one of which was even denied entry by the United States - and one country declared gross abuser of human rights by her own state department yet its king gave 12 million to the Foundation.

The apparent conflict of interest in misusing her position to get millions was seen throughout. With tons of money in hand the actual amount spent on ‘real charitable work’ was reportedly less than six percent.  

The same Clinton Foundation had for years a Cairo-based director who was one of the top leaders of the notorious Muslim Brotherhood "that has inspired the entire modern Islamic  terrorist enterprise." It’s banned by Russia and even by Muslim countries such as Bahrain, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The organization's motto is: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way, dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

This is the kind of connections Hillary has but not mentioned in the article.  

The main issues in the current election are safety, security, strength –both militarily and economically – of the United States and tax incentive for creation of more jobs. These are paramount issues in the Trump campaign, but missing in Hillary’s program. That’s how Trump got a resounding victory in his primaries defeating his dozen rivals. On the contrary, Hillary had to face a serious challenge by Bernie Sanders till almost the last moments before the Democratic convention, that itself was mired in controversies and saw its Chairwoman resigning before the convention.

All that was irrelevant for the India Journal Editor.


[This was printed in India Journal, Los Angeles, Nov. 4, 2016 with some cuts and a different heading “Trump Praise”-  editor’s prerogative.]