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Election: The Choice is Clear

Yatindra Bhatnagar

The 2020 November elections in America will be unique, the kind never been held in the past, and I hope, may never be witnessed in future.

Firstly, the 2016 winning president, Donald Trump, is the most ‘attacked, maligned and resisted’ president in history, starting even before his win. Trump has faced relentless tirade by his opponents with investigations that had no evidence, impeachment purely on bias, attacks that had no basis and blames that lie elsewhere, and often with the opposition itself.

But they say ‘offence is the best form of defense’ and so the opponents follow it methodically. They ignored dozens of remarkable achievements of the current administration in such a short time -  too many to count like tax breaks, more jobs, security, favorable trade deals, and roaring economy (before the Pandemic struck.)

Add the latest peace-process initiated and led by President Trump in the Middle East starting with diplomatic recognition of Israel by Arab states such as UAE and Bahrain, and to be surely followed by others. An unimaginable achievement indeed, but downsized or ignored by the Fake Mainstream Media and the opposition. Speaker Nancy Pelosi of ‘State-of the-Union-presidential- speech-tearing-up-fame’ (among many other flaws), said it’s just a ‘distraction.’ Wow!

Not much credit was given to the president though from many other countries the appeal poured in for Trump to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Very recently President Trump got the release of three American hostages from Yemen rebels held in captivity for years. The biased and fake media ignored that also.

[And don’t forget when the American media was full of scary news that North Korea was about to attack the United States, President Trump arranged a meeting with the leader Kim Jong Un and got him to agree to curb his top nuclear weaponizing program. No North Korean attack took place. Trump even got some American captives also released by North Korea.

No small achievement!

Trump got a couple of very top international terror leaders – al Baghdadi of ISIS and Soleimani of Iran -  eliminated by the brave American military. Not much was reported and, on the contrary, some of the Democrats and liberals criticized Trump for having those ‘leaders’ killed.] 

This election is unique in another respect: a former President, Barack Hussain Obama, is actively, wholeheartedly, and methodically participating in the campaign to defeat Trump. He has strategically positioned himself, along with his wife, Michelle, at the center stage and plays dubious roles breaking all the traditions of ex-presidents. The same Michelle had said she was ‘proud of America’ only after her husband was nominated as the official Dem candidate.

[And the reports are rife that Obama has selected some of the top officials of his administration to be appointed by Biden if he gets elected. That list included Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Advisor, whose infamous comment was that an anti-Islamic video had inflamed Islamic terrorists to attack the American embassy in Benghazi (Libya) and carried out a massacre where the US ambassador and three other Americans were murdered. What a defense of terrorism against America, by a top American official!] 

On the other extreme is another ex-president, a Republican, George W. Bush who is totally silent about his party’s candidate and even rumored to be supporting the opposition Democrat. He even mentions ‘systemic racism,’ which, by the way, neither he, or his father-President,  the senior Bush, nor Bill Clinton and Obama in their combined 28 years in The White House could, or did, tackle, fight or eliminate.

Believe it or not, they seem to suggest that racism was not there earlier but has emerged during the Trump era. And even Trump was not a racist before he decided to fight the 2016 election. Top black leaders like Al Sharpton and others used to socialize with Trump and had never complained. President Trump has done so much for the black community, black prisoners, and black children’s education that one of the black leaders the other day said: Trump has done much more for the blacks than any other president since Abraham Lincoln. 

The memorial service for George Floyd in Houston was turned into a political circus. Some speakers praised the man [who was arrested for a felony and was reported to have been on drugs] and compared him to the civil rights movement icon Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and even Jesus Christ. This is the mentality of the deranged mob and their leftist, socialist, Democrat and liberal leaders who instigate and defend riots and criminals. They want to turn the country over to the mobs in an attempt to win the election and destroy Trump. How shocking!   

To fill the Supreme Court vacancy after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg has become so controversial that the violent opposition is hell-bent on burning down the White House and the cities. This is unprecedented. [They think Ginsburg’s ‘dying wish’ is so sacrosanct that the administration should ‘obey’ it though it has no legal or legitimate basis.] 

One of the reasons for the Community Organizer-turned Senator-turned President-for-two-terms, Barack Obama, vigorously campaigning for the Democrats is that his dream of ‘transforming’ America was cut short by Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016 against Donald Trump. Obama wants uncertain Joe Biden and determined leftist Kamala Harris to pick up where he left off.

This ‘transformation’ was evident in politicizing several government departments, large part of the judiciary, and even sports. Respect for the Flag, the National Anthem and faith in God took the back seat, and even disappeared. After a meeting of some activist player-leaders with Obama, the NBA opener on 9/11 saw the ‘tall millionaires in short pants’ taking the knee when the National Anthem was being played. [And of course, the floor was painted with the words Black Lives Matter. Is this not clear racism that Obama and his like support and foster?]

This was the depth of disrespect and dishonor for thousands of men and women and rescuers who died on the day - We Will Never Forget!

But the shameful NBA act was also utter insult of heroes who lay down their lives to keep us safe on the borders, in the cities and in our homes.

[No wonder, the viewership even for the NBA finals was the lowest ever recorded. The ratings declined 51% from last year. NBA had become totally politicized.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver must have realized this disappointing development and commented that from next season those slogans would not be displayed.]

America saw the society was divided and seeds of the ‘transformation’ sown widely, again. 

Defending law-breakers at the cost of law enforcement, promoting ‘sanctuary cities’ and ‘sanctuary states’ to shelter, shield and defend criminal illegal aliens, and opening of the borders for refugee influx, defunding the Police and other ideas of total economic bankruptcy are ‘progressive’ policies. Promoting same sex marriages, common bathrooms in schools, and lauding and promoting LGBTQ even in school textbooks, allowing and even softening on sexual relations with minors (normally termed ‘assault’), and a Rhode Island progressive professor justifying killing of Trump-supporters, are all ‘new liberalism.’

Just recently, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom (a relative of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi) signed a bill into law that would ultimately tolerate and promote LGBT people to sexually assault minors and get softer/lesser punishment. Newsom, himself an abuser of normal husband-wife relations, was carrying on an affair with the wife of his campaign manager in the not-too-distant past. The sponsor of that bill is himself gay. 

No wonder the Obamas and their senior official, Susan Rice, are all silent on sexualization of minors in a Netflix presentation, ‘Cuties.’ As writer Tiana Lowe commented: “A perverted director making a perverted film to earn plaudits of the perverted cinema industry….”  Obamas won’t condemn it because they have multi-million dollar contracts with Netflix and Susan Rice is on their board. Does money silence them, or their perverted ideology helps promote such perverted films?

Now even during the Pandemic, a new form of liberalism and racism has resulted in violent protests, riots, looting, arson, and destruction of public and private properties -  all hiding behind the slogan of Black Lives Matter. Attacking lawmakers of the other party is now a norm, as was evident when Sen. Paul Ryan and his wife, with others, were coming out of the Republican Convention and a mob surrounded and threatened them. They were saved by the Police who are themselves derided, abused, cursed, attacked, shot and killed, in addition to being defunded in some states.

Toppling of statues of national heroes is a part of continuing strategy of ‘transforming’ America. This has not been universally and vehemently denounced by Democrats, the ‘progressives,’ the left, the liberals and the Hollywood elites. The Democrats did not condemn this unprecedented violence even at their convention.

They still support and applaud China with all the evidence about its export of Corona virus, expansionist and hegemonistic policies and human rights abuses. Just the other day a senior Chinese Researcher/Virologist fled China and has claimed that she has proof that Corona Virus was created in China in a Chinese lab. This confirms President Trump’s accusations against the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party of endangering the health of the world.

The Democrats still maintain that acts of lawlessness are ‘mostly’ and ‘largely’ peaceful protests’ – and that includes  hundred-day violent attacks/take-over in Portland, and carving out an independent Zone in Seattle, of  violent attacks against the Police and the federal courthouse in other Democrat-ruled cities and states. The increasing attacks and deaths in New York and Chicago are ignored. There are cases of Police and Sheriff’s Deputies being shot and killed, right in Los Angeles among other places.

The utter depth of a deprave mind-set was shamelessly demonstrated when two Los Angeles Cops –one male and one female - sitting in their patrol cars were shot without provocation and were gravely injured. Even the hospital they were taken to was attacked by these ‘peaceful protesters’ hurling abuses and blocking the entrance and exits of the facility shouting ‘they (expletive) must die.’ This happened in Compton, the original home-city of tennis superstars Serena and her sister Venus Williams, and represented by Maxine Waters, the rabid anti-Trump Congresswoman.   

Anarchy and mob-rule are the new norm. In the Lockdown, bars would be open but churches would remain closed. Criminals would not be arrested, if arrested would not be charged and released without bail.

Democrat Governors and Mayors would not ask for federal help to curb violence and control the situation; where help is offered by the President, they refuse and let the mobs rule their cities in the name of fighting racism, Police brutalities, injustice -  all part of ‘systemic racism.’ Some protesters even carry banners with the disgustingly shameless slogan ‘Death to America.’

In this situation, the November elections have thrown up a challenge before the people: Do you love your country or do you hate it? Do you want it to be strong again or you want to destroy it? Do you want to build or burn? Do you want peace, unity and progress or unrest, division and destruction? Do you want a strong Police force to protect you or defund it, welcome lawless mobs to rule the cities and rob and attack anyone without any provocation?

Would you vote for Joe Biden whose connections with China are well known? Would you support Biden who keeps defending his son who took advantage of his father when he was the Vice President to enrich himself and is still connected with doubtful companies? Biden himself had pressured a foreign government to fire the prosecutor who was investigating a company connected to his son.

Would you vote for Kamala Harris, a failed contender for president, but selected by Biden as his VP, who visited a felon charged with sexual assault in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and praised him? In contrast, she did not visit the Cops who were shot and injured in California, her own state.

Would you allow the elected officials to look the other way when domestic and religious terrorists – and organizations like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations – an un-indicted terrorist organization) etc. keep destroying businesses and riot, all in the name of fighting racial injustice?

Would you be misled by the campaign against patriots and nationalists branding them as ‘White Supremacists’ and racists and given other names all the while promoting racism in-reverse? Would you only favor Black Lives Matter or want to promote All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter (the Police)? Would you tolerate blacks killing blacks and more black babies being killed in mothers’ womb, or immediately after birth, in the name of Planned Parenthood, funded by the American taxpayers?

In short: Would you vote for death or life? Destruction or prosperity?  

Do you want to continue the traditional values, respect for national heroes and their memorials, The Flag and The Anthem, family and a strong united America? Or do you support a chaotic, unruly, mob-rule that wants to ‘transform’ the country with far left, socialist, liberal, hate-America lessons in schools, fantasies, and impractical ideas to push America in the lap of countries such as China that would be happy to see the demise of the greatest country on earth?

The choice is clear. The choice is yours.