Enough is enough

Yatindra Bhatnagar

For months the big cities and states in America, mostly ruled by the Democrats, have abandoned their common people, their businesses and even their law enforcement agencies. They have allowed mobs to rule, riot, destroy, burn down and attack the Police, federal establishments, public and private places and even memorials and statues of national heroes and honored patriots.

Starting with the Black Lives Matter movement in the aftermath of alleged police brutality on Blacks, this movement has grown to be a monster that threatens to destroy the very country that gave them the freedom to protest.

Statistics don’t prove that the Police have been unduly harsh on Blacks. The five-year figures of Police shooting and killing people show a different picture. With a total of around 4700 people shot and killed by the Police in a five-year period there were about 1200 Blacks and 2230 Whites – the rest Hispanics and Asians etc.

In overwhelming cases those killed were criminals, armed or attacking the Cops, had warrants or charges against them, had previous convictions, and were also fleeing. However, isolated cases of Police excesses were highlighted, given a racial color, and culminated in large scale violence, looting and all kinds of heinous acts of destruction, and anti-social behavior, some rightly termed as domestic terrorism.

The Democrats did nothing to prevent, stop and punish these acts of total lawlessness. On the contrary, some of the elected governors and mayors, the leftists, socialists, liberals, Hollywood elites, and also Islamic organizations defended the criminals, supported the violent agitations by labeling them as ‘largely or mostly peaceful’ protests and even preventing federal intervention to save their cities.

Racism in reverse is the common ill; ‘blacks on blacks’ atrocities and killings are ignored, and Law Enforcement is made the enemy. BLACK  lives have become more important than ALL Lives. 

All this lawlessness is rampant and will affect the November elections especially at a time when the nation is also fighting the Corona pandemic. I strongly feel that enough is enough and this is a time when national and local leaders had to come together to face the problems and not wage a war against President Trump and blame him for all the ills facing America. As we all share the prosperity and strength of America, we should also face and solve all the problems, together.   

Hope sanity will ultimately prevail and the nation will reject lawless-ness and choose law and order, life, and not death.