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Fauci comes clean, admits Trump was right about Vaccine time-frame


The country is demanding a shutdown of the COVID-19 restrictions. People are ready for the expensive masks to be put away and for the stores to reopen for regular business. Lives have been changed to the point that many have lost their financial savings and even their homes. Only a return to regular operation will ever put things and people back together.

President Trump wisely put the reopening plans in the hands of the governors. He hoped that they would be responsible and start to open and let people get outside. But the irresponsible Democrats kept people locked up and out of work to the point that they are now homeless.

The news coming out of divisive Dr. Anthony Fauci’s mouth is something that the president has been stating for months. He is claiming that a vaccine will be available shortly after the election. It will not just be any vaccine. It will be a safe and effective one. These claims are echoes of what the president has been saying all along.

Fauci is supposedly the leading doctor on infectious diseases. His stance against the president has not been in agreement. But in the past few days, he has come out sounding like the president. He stated that “I would still put my money on November/December.”

Every single person wants to see COVID-19 disappear. Fauci bases his estimates on where the trials are at in their testing. Every person in the country is cheering this news as it brings hope to those that are fussing about wearing masks and looking for a return to normal.

The exciting part of the news is that everyone that jeered at the president is silently accepting the news from this flippant doctor. The only reason the liberals did not listen to the president is that he is a conservative that won big time in 2016.

The qualifications for a successful test trial lies in the number of infections that are cured. He would like upto 150 infections in a vaccine for it to be counted as safe for people. Fauci brought up that “Right now, the trials are over two-thirds enrolled – really close to full enrollment on one, and over full enrollment on the other.”

It is possible that a cure could come sooner if the test requirements are met. Some companies are already making the vaccines, so they are ready to push out once the type is secured. November and December are right around the corner. It is going to be a wonderful Christmas for a lot of people.

He went on to mention that the time-frame that “It really depends on where the sites are and how many infections there are in a site. So you could get your answer sooner, or you can get your answer a bit later.”

It seems a bit interesting that Fauci was not in favor of rushing a vaccine for some reason. There was something that was said to him that got him to change his mind. He may hide behind the safe and effective smokescreen, but there is no doubt that he now agrees with the president on the cure’s time-frame.

Fauci is a fence walker. He seems to like to ride the fence and end up on the side of the favorable party. But now that he has settled in President Trump’s camp, there seems hope on the horizon.

The liberals are about to lose their only poker card in the race to the White House. Everything that the president has said about the coronavirus has come true. The country is reopening, and the financial outlook of the country is stronger than ever. There is not one Democrat that can take credit for the success of beating COVID-19.

[Courtesy: The Right Wing Club]

November is going to be a sad month for the Democrats and a glorious new term for Republicans. The liberals lost their chance of victory when President Trump defeated them in the impeachment trials. It was then that their tenacious ways were exposed, and everyone saw them as the frauds they are.