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Guess Who is Mad That Police Killed the Knife-wielding London Bridge Terrorist?

(Tea Party 247) – 21st-century progressives are absolutely insane.

Their policies lend themselves to all manner of lawlessness, including the very conspicuous fact that this past weekend’s stabbing spree on the London Bridge was perpetrated by a man who had already been convicted of terrorism and was released early by a bleeding-heart parole board by the culturally Marxist dystopia that is the United Kingdom.

The terrorist, who was thankfully shot and killed by police, attracted sympathy online from liberals and leftists.

That’s right. Social media users expressed outrage that police had shot and killed a man who was running around stabbing people in the name of Allah.

Welcome to clown world, folks. Better buckle up.

“How can they shoot one man publicly? They could have arrested or use rubber bullets,” said Hassan Nawaz, calling the shooting, not the man who stabbed a bunch of people, “madness.”

“Was there any need for the police to kill the man?” asked Laura Whitehawk, adding, “They could have easily arrested him but murdered him instead. State murder doesn’t sit well with me.”

But jihad terror attacks do?

“Everyone already knows. The shooting was clearly reckless and unnecessary. He could easily have been arrested,” said another,

However, there are some sane people also who commented:


Paul Joseph Watson




The terrorist had just stabbed several people and was wearing a fake explosive vest. Don't think arresting him was an option. 

suggesting that what happened was suspicious because it somehow worked in the favor of Conservative party leader Boris Johnson.