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How long will the media ignore Democrat Senator Corey Booker’s assault accuser?

[This article contains a detailed description of allegations of hot, steamy, non-consensual man-on-man attempted rape by US Senator Corey Booker from New Jersey, who happens to be a Democrat.]

An unidentified gay man who goes by the Twitter handle @TheeDeepThroat has announced that he was sexually assaulted in a men’s bathroom by Sen. Corey Booker (D-NJ) in 2014. If this seems like “breaking news” to you, then you’re probably curious why the mainstream media is maintaining laser-like focus on other stories that are not about Sen. Corey Booker.

Mr. Booker, of course, was one of the most sanctimonious of the Senate Democrats during the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court character assassination debacle. We are curious to know whether Mr. Booker still feels that all victims’ accusations are still to be considered “serious” and “credible,” or if that rule only applied when the accused rapist is a Republican who likes beer.

The media, of course, won’t touch this story with a 10,000-foot pole. They’re too busy covering something – anything – other than the story about Corey Booker’s alleged sexual assault of a young man in the bathroom.

The same day that a young gay male credibly announced that he had been sexually assaulted in his bathroom workplace by Corey Booker in 2014, the Washington Post led with a story about a shouting match between John Kelly and John Bolton outside the Oval Office. No one knows what they were yelling at each other about, but they were definitely yelling, and it was definitely about something. Stop the presses! You are supposed to care about that super-important story.

If you put John Kelly and John Bolton in a police lineup, most Americans would agree that, “Yes, those are two different people.” As far as what their individual duties are in the White House, the vast, VAST majority of American voters would not know and would not care.

What in the world is the Washington Post’s motive for even printing that story? Totally replaceable bureaucrat A got in a shouty slap-fight with totally replaceable bureaucrat B outside the Oval Office.

Well, guess we’d better impeach Trump!

Meanwhile, there was a different noteworthy interaction between two adult males that came to light that same day. Which story do you think might be more interesting to voters?

In one story, John Bolton and John Kelly did some arguing. In the other story, Sen. Corey Booker (D-NJ) allegedly pushed a young gay man up against a bathroom stall, told him, “Being a hero is a big turn-on,” and proceeded to vigorously run his hand up and down his young victim’s crotch. At the Washington Post, it’s Bolton and Kelly for the win!

Meanwhile, the rest of the media has deemed the possible murder of a foreign journalist with connections to Osama bin Laden in a foreign country by bad people from Saudi Arabia as the most important story in the world. Put on your shocked face, everyone! Saudi Arabians may have behaved exactly as Saudi Arabians have been behaving for several centuries!

The media must have missed the memo in 2016 that the American people care about stuff that happens in this country and to our own citizens much more than world affairs. We don’t even like our own reporters. We’re supposed to care about this foreign one because…?

That’s another super-important story that somehow seems far less important than a US Senator who wants to run for president in 2020 being credibly accused of attempted sodomy in a restroom. After delivering his alleged pickup line about being a “hero,” Sen. Corey Booker is then accused of shoving his young, gay, vulnerable victim to his knees in the bathroom stall and trying to force himself on him, before the young man managed to escape and run away.

Corey Booker made Americans laugh out loud during the Kavanaugh hearings when he declared that he was having his “Spartacus moment.” As it turns out, Booker got the movie right – he just identified himself as the wrong character. Corey Booker is no Spartacus. But he might just be General Crassus, chasing poor young Tony Curtis around the Roman bathhouse.

Let’s see how long it takes the mainstream media to get around to reporting on the Corey Booker sexual assault story. We’re guessing that Booker’s alleged victim will get the Juanita Broaddrick treatment in a best-case scenario.

[Courtesy: American Liberty report.]