Book Review

I Am a Little Brain Dead by Kimberly Davis Basso 

Yatindra Bhatnagar

"A hilariously interesting book about a serious subject like STROKE, for all those with brains, without them or a little brain-dead! The way Kimberly has dealt with one of the very serious health problems in the country is very funny and proves the superiority of mind over body. Listening to what she has written would make the dead dance in their graves and make those in coma come out of it and laugh loudly. 

However, KB also has serious and valuable advice on what to do before, during and after a stroke. And that is very important. 

It’s amazing that the writer has included a wealth of information in the not-so-large book and has succeeded in capturing the attention of the reader right from the title till the last words on the back cover – and everything in-between. She has a unique style of narration and with a positive mind-set she has remarkably succeeded in sending her message about dealing with Stroke without going insane. 

Going through all the steps inside and outside the hospital with Kimberly is itself a delightful experience for both – who had a stroke and those who have escaped, so far. 

I'm A Little Brain Dead is a book worth its weight in Gold, though priced at $12.00 only. 

This highly acclaimed book is available with Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other book sellers, and also directly from the author.  

[Reviewed by Yatindra Bhatnagar, Journalist-Author-Poet.]