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Imagine if We Treated Dems Like Brett Kavanaugh…

THIS Would be the Result


Mark Patricks

What If Actual Democrat Perverts Were Treated Like Brett Kavanaugh?When a Democrat candidate or incumbent is involved in a major scandal, the mainstream media does everything in its power to cover it up. When a Republican is not accused of any scandal at all, the media will gin one up. Just ask Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Is everyone clear on the rules?

Sometimes, the press will cover up a Democrat scandal for decades and will only acknowledge it by accident or when forced to. For example, a certain Kennedy in the White House was a drug addict with a venereal disease – that wasn’t “newsworthy” until the 1990s rolled around.

We shudder to think of the things the media knows about Barack Obama and his administration thirty years from now. With the rules in mind, it’s always safe to assume that there are multiple Democrat scandals being hidden from the public. 2018 is no exception.

Their secret is out.

In New Jersey, sleazebucket incumbent Sen. Bob Menendez’s campaign is sinking faster than Michael Moore in an actual swamp. The Senate Ethics Committee severely reprimanded Menendez for accepting bribes from a wealthy donor friend (Dr. Salomon Melgen – more on him in a second!).

But since Menendez is in a must-win race for the Democrats to keep a seat in New Jersey, the network news can’t be bothered to tell anyone this. But it gets worse.

Jeff Bezos’ blog, the Washington Post, tried to come to Menendez’s rescue, running cover for the Senator’s biggest scandal of all – namely, that statutory rape of exploited child prostitutes in a foreign country scandal. (CNN’s Jake Tapper: “Why would that even be considered news?”) The Post ran an article titled, “There’s Still No Evidence Robert Menendez Slept with Underage Prostitutes. A New Attack Ad Says It Anyway.”

Democrats and their media lapdogs certainly have interesting definitions of “evidence.” A 30-year-old allegation against Brett Kavanaugh was enough evidence for Democrats to demand a brand new, unprecedented SEVENTH FBI investigation. There were no corroborating witnesses, no photos, nothing except the “recovered” memories of a woman who wasn’t exactly all there. The Washington Post didn’t think of that as “no evidence.”

Here is what “no evidence” looks like to the Washington Post when the accused is a Democrat.

The pimps “were taking us more often to get checked (medically) because of him (Sen. Menendez).” – Quote from an underaged Dominican Republic prostitute who says Menendez paid her for sex multiple times. You can’t be too careful in Dominican Republic! She adds that Sen. Menendez “likes the youngest and newest girls.”

Menendez attended lavish parties in Dominican Republic, paid for courtesy of his friend Salomon Melgen, an eye doctor from Florida. Menendez was rebuked by the Senate for accepting gifts from Melgen, including all-expenses flights on Melgen’s private jet. The multiple underage prostitutes who claim they had sex with Sen. Menendez all worked for a creepy escort service called The Doll Palace, which specializes in young-looking and way-too-young exploited prostitutes.

Another prostitute, interviewed by The Daily Caller in America and the Daily Mail in London, says she was paid to have sex with Menendez three times in 2009, starting when she was 16.

“The first one in February, then in May and June,” she told real reporters. “I recall his visit in June so well because that month was my 17th birthday.” O… kaaay…

Not only that, but Sen. Menendez’s neighbors report that the senior Democrat Senator from New Jersey comes home to his apartment every single night with a different young woman.

“They were always in like four-inch heels, and it was definitely a different one every time. Different women on back-to-back nights. These were very young, very attractive women,” said Menendez’s neighbors. Without fail, the very young women in prom dresses leave Menendez’s apartment and take a cab every night at 3 a.m., but only after torturing the neighbors for hours through the miracle of Viagra.

“He had a very squeaky mattress and a very squeaky bed frame,” Menendez’s downstairs neighbor shuddered. “It was awful.”

So, we have two corroborating prostitute witnesses whose stories match up. We have Menendez being rebuked by the Senate for his free flights to Dominican Republic at the same times when the witnesses say he was there. We have Menendez’s neighbors saying he brings a different young prostitute home every single night of the week. (They have to be prostitutes. Google a picture of Sen. Menendez if you doubt this.)

“No evidence.” Thanks, Washington Post. The media will go out of its way to interview the third-grade teachers of Trump administration officials, to see if there was anything damaging from their childhoods that can be reported. But it’s too much trouble to stake out the apartment of a Senator for a few nights to see if his neighbors’ allegations are true.

There’s so much evidence stacked against Menendez that you can even write your own jokes about the fact that he’s the top Democrat on the “Foreign Relations” Committee. Get it? Say, is visiting prostitutes on foreign soil considered a national security threat? Menendez knows a lot of Top Secret information because of his committee assignments.

Brett Kavanaugh went through a seventh FBI investigation because of a single unfounded allegation with no additional evidence. The FBI looked into Menendez’s trips on Melgen’s private plane but seemed disinterested in what Menendez was doing once he was on the ground, on Melgen’s yacht, or at parties at The Doll House. Don’t the allegations against Menendez at least warrant a glance?

Despite the massive mainstream media cover-up of Menendez’s “sex life” (if you call paying for it a “sex life”), the information is out there and hopefully, it’s reaching the voters in New Jersey. We know Menendez’s campaign is flailing, because of the heavy-hitting Democrats who are now running to his rescue.

Sen. Chuck Schumer dumped $3 million into Menendez’s campaign fund this month, proving that you really shouldn’t “believe all women.” Hillary Clinton, a person who understands all too well that allegations of sex crimes against Democrats are just a right-wing conspiracy, also swooped in to help bail out Menendez. And by “swooped in” we mean she showed up late because her black limousine ambulance crashed in the parking garage before the fundraiser. Maybe her driver drank a few too many with Hillary on the way there. Hot tip: Hillary’s favorite cocktail is a “Bitter Regret.”

The #MeToo movement was started as another hairbrained idea to take down President Trump. As usual, it boomeranged back on the Democrats. Your time is up, Senator Menendez. We the people demand an FBI investigation into the multiple credible allegations that Senator Bob Menendez visited underage prostitutes in Dominican Republic!

[Courtesy: The League of Power]