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In just 29 words, Ted Cruz Destroys Nancy Pelosi


House Minority Whip Nancy Pelosi is completely out of touch with the American people. Living behind the walls of her two multi-million dollar mansions with numerous armed security guards at her side, Pelosi spends every waking moment of her life trying to tear down her political opponents.

Instead of leading the American people, Pelosi is constantly starring as the lead in a political theater of her own making. The only thing that really matters is getting re-elected, not serving the American people.

But Sen. Ted Cruz just flipped this script on the California Democratic leader in 29 brief words — and his brutal message was a wake-up call to millions of Americans.

On Jan. 25, Pelosi and former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz dismissed the $1,000 bonuses that over 250 U.S. companies have given their workers as ‘little more than crumbs.’

Cruz responded:


“Next time the Democrats try to tell you Republicans are the party of the rich, remember how Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz wrote off $1,000 bonuses as crumbs.” 

The Democratic Party’s top leaders flicked aside the bonuses and pay hikes 250 companies like Home Depot, Fiat Chrysler and others announced. 

Critics say it’s no surprise that $1,000 doesn’t mean much to Pelosi. After all, while most Americans struggle with bills and mortgages and loans, Pelosi makes $193,400 a year as House Minority Whip. 

That’s not enough for Pelosi, though.

Without explanation, Pelosi has managed to turn that $193,400 annual salary into a jaw dropping $100,643,521 net worth during her tenure as a Congresswoman, according to government watchdog OpenSecrets.

A $1,000 bonus may be breadcrumbs to Pelosi — but it’s important to the average American voter.

As Cruz wisely pointed out, her clueless statements serve as a wake-up call to voters about who is really interested in our wellbeing.

It’s not the people enriching themselves off our tax dollars. It’s the people trying to put that money — $1,000 at a time — back into the bank accounts of American workers, where it belongs.

[Courtesy: The Horn News]