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Inauguration Protests are Un-American, Obama, Clinton Should Have Condemned them

D.N. Verma

The anti-Trump protests in some cities of America and Washington D.C., where Republican Donald Trump took over as the 45th President of the United States, January 20, clearly showed that those who indulged in them have no faith in the democratic constitutional system of this country. That these tactics, at some places turning into violent mobocracy, are absolutely un-American and should be condemned by all.

In Washington D.C. and elsewhere, there was violence, destruction of property, vandalism and scuffle with the Police. The common people were severely inconvenienced as roadblocks were put and fires ignited. The Police did a remarkable job of not allowing the people to turn more violent and resort to more rioting and looting.

The protest-demonstrations and marches where angry women alleged that Trump is against women, demeans them and disrespects them. They – or their leaders including the interim chairman of the Democratic Party Donna Brazile, and some Hollywood celebrities, warn that these kinds of protests will continue everywhere – in classrooms, offices, and markets and so on – for the rest of 1459 days of Trump presidency. Wow! These people don’t seem to have other jobs, goals, dreams, responsibilities, duties, commitments,

And clear ideas about what to do with their lives and of those dependent on them. 

In any case, the disgruntled, leftists, liberals and an assortment of angry men and women did not have a particular demand. Some were for saving the environment, others wanted full freedom for abortion (like the Planned Parenthood organization), and some others were there for the Native American rights. Many issues might be legitimate but the main question is if they thought Donald Trump would resign because of the marches and demonstrations they are sadly mistaken. He is not going to do that. Then there are clear divisions in the Democratic Party itself with some leaning more to the left and some favoring a middle line. There are basically those who supported Hillary Clinton and those who were with Bernie Sanders with his more leftist agenda.

That bodes ill for the future of the Democratic Party and that nobody is thinking of preventing. And the majority of marches didn’t seem to care about these issues. They were there to protest, be there with others prodded by some others and organized, encouraged, and most probably financed by still others. Well these things succeeded in one goal: to disrupt life of, and inconvenience to, others, including putting a heavy burden on the Police and other law enforcement agencies.     

Among the leaders of the protesters was Madonna, the person with a record of indecent, profanity-studded and shamelessly dressed performances. Most horrifying was her brazen assertion that she had been thinking of blowing up The White House. What madness! What dangerous thinking! And some others were there hurling astonishingly absurd and unproven charges against Trump. These were the kind of women leaders of the March to protest.

Is she a role model for women, fit to indulge in Trump-bashing and to support the allegation that he demeans women? Think about it. Shame on Madonna and shame on her followers!