Volume 18 Number 7                                                                        18th Year of Publication                                                                         October 24, 2018


new Supreme Court judge
Yatindra Bhatnagar

The US Senate finally voted to make judge Brett Kavanaugh the new justice of the US Supreme Court. This was done amidst widespread controversy and all-out hysterical assault by the anti-Trump crowd of bitter Democrats, liberals, socialists, leftists, one-sided feminists, many Hollywood celebrities and a ‘MeToo’ movement that has lost its way.

While the Democrats had a clear political motive as the Republicans had opposed their president’s choice and later nominated their own candidate. The Democrats also had to do something both to stop President Trump to have his chosen nominee to add to the strength of conservative judges but also to wage a campaign for the mid-term election for the 435 seats in The House and two dozen in the Senate.

Random Recollection 


Yatindra Bhatnagar

In today’s vicious, partisan political fights even the definition of words

has changed. The fashion is to become ‘progressive’ and even socialist – which is clubbed as the LEFT. All the others like conservatives and nationalists are the RIGHT.

In other words, and for a relentless fight about one’s ‘idealism’ the Left has become the Right, and the Right has become Wrong. Wow!

Now the liberals, so-called democrats, leftists and the so-called anti-racists, secular and progressives are also, surprisingly, getting help from the radicals and are fighting those who are basically nationalists and  patriots, and want to make their country great once again.

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