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James Comey and ‘leadership’

Yatindra Bhatnagar

The sacked FBI Director James Comey is on a book selling and speech-making tour of some cities. Recently he addressed a meeting in our area and talked about “leadership.” At the same time he lamented that President Trump lacks the leadership, as defined by him. Wow!

Keep in mind that Comey is on a “self-promotion round” and had the audacity to question Trump’s lack of “ethical leadership” without justifying his own lack of that kind of leadership. Comey, briefly got Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal investigated but messed up the whole thing. He made a fool of himself with his confusion and let go a serious crime totally unpunished.

Or was it a deliberate attempt to save the 'big fish' from prosecution while an ordinary official was punished for a fraction of that indiscretion about leaking/sharing one official e-mail with just one person!

What about his own ‘unethical' and even 'confused leadership’ when at one point he gave a clean chit to Hillary Clinton’s serious e-mail scandal despite “extremely careless” and a few months later reopened the investigation and again nothing came out of it. And mind you, that involved sharing 33,000 e-mails, total destruction of the hard drive and deleting all those mail. That Comey-conduct, naturally, upset both the Democrats and the Republicans coming right before the elections. Wow! What a leadership?

Yes, the people have a right to vote down anybody but a relentless campaign and a political witch-hunt to negate the results of a previous election is unacceptable. Comey was a significant part of the scandal.

Comey maintains that 'FBI wasn’t on anybody’s side' but conveniently forgets the persistent comments and role of senior FBI agents who started investigation even before Trump had won the election and continued even after. An important section of FBI was vehemently opposed to Trump and bent upon destroying him under the so-called 'ethical leadership' of Comey. Whose side were you Mr. Comey and your gang of absolutely biased, anti-Trump gang?  

He did not mention two important FBI agents (Peter Strzok and his lover/lawyer Lisa Page) who led a persistent campaign against Trump. Strzok had also led the 'eye-wash' investigation of Clinton e-mails and even changed the word “negligent” to “careless” to water down the report and the crime.

So much for the self- righteous ex-FBI director James Comey!