Kavanaugh, new Supreme Court judge

Yatindra Bhatnagar

The US Senate finally voted to make judge Brett Kavanaugh the new justice of the US Supreme Court. This was done amidst widespread controversy and all-out hysterical assault by the anti-Trump crowd of bitter Democrats, liberals, socialists, leftists, one-sided feminists, many Hollywood celebrities and a ‘MeToo’ movement that has lost its way.

While the Democrats had a clear political motive as the Republicans had opposed their president’s choice and later nominated their own candidate. The Democrats also had to do something both to stop President Trump to have his chosen nominee to add to the strength of conservative judges but also to wage a campaign for the mid-term election for the 435 seats in The House and two dozen in the Senate.

The nomination of Brett Kavanaugh came as a solid pretext for these anti-Trump crowds. It was seen as a rallying cry for the desperate Democrats who have been witnessing the upward trend of Trump’s popularity and his achievements. Judge Kavanaugh was caught in this bitter political fight and became a target despite being hailed as a well-qualified constitutional expert fit to be a judge at the highest US Court.

A 36-year-old case of ‘inappropriate sexual conduct’ was suddenly discovered, a then 15-year old girl was thrust into the limelight who for reasons of her own, did not complain about the alleged conduct of a 17-year-old young man at a house party, had hazy recollection of the house, date, even year of the occurrence, and how she returned to her home after ‘that extremely traumatic’ experience. However, she suddenly ‘clearly remembered’ who the culprit was, and became the rallying point for the Democrats.

Kavanaugh was already investigated thoroughly by the FBI half a dozen times before he was nominated by the President. However, the Dems were not satisfied with that and waged a relentless campaign against the man whose constitutional and legal caliber was unquestioned but was subjected to unending allegations, relentless and constant aggressive questioning by Democratic senators, and was heaped humiliation at every forum – public, media and congressional.

The accuser, Professor Christine Blasey Ford, was not investigated. Her life at school, when growing up, her altered/scrubbed year book entries, her partners, her pursuits, her habits, her finances, her ‘dates’, marriage, her friends, and other related and relevant factors were left untouched. The Republican senators and leadership gave her a soft, gentlemanly treatment and did not question her themselves.

They had a legal luminary, an experienced and balanced woman prosecutor question her who ultimately found numerous holes and glaring inconsistencies in her story. The questioning was polite, non-aggressive, non-threatening, and only probing. 

In this case against Kavanaugh, even the time-honored and legal provision and concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ was thrown to the winds by the Democrats and this anti-Trump crowd pronounced Kavanaugh guilty and unfit for the Supreme Court.

Yet another FBI probe was maneuvered and conducted and got nothing against the judge. Finally, the political drama had to be ended and the Senate was able to vote and confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. It was a bitter fight but with only allegation and no evidence, the case was ultimately thrown out. The sad scenario is that still the Democrats and their supporters and anti-Trump crowd is not satisfied; did not accept their defeat and has vowed to re-open the case ‘if and when’ the Dems capture a majority in Congress. What a shame!

Right from the beginning the ‘veteran’ Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein held on to the Ford letter of allegation for well over two months. Later the whole things was leaked ‘as a last trick’ against the Republican president’s nominee. They wanted to delay the vote as long as possible, maybe till after the mid-term election in the hope of getting a majority and have their way.

Sadly, this is the level to which the Democrats and their supporters have fallen to. However, they downplay, totally ignore, or vehemently oppose anything against their own. The double standard!

It was aptly commented that the Democrats, and the liberal crowd, were not bothered about what happened or not happened to the 15-year-old some 36 years back, but were more worried about what might happen in decades to come with one more conservative judge on the Supreme Court.

This is hardly a fair game. Making a woman your convenient tool for fighting your political concerns and legal predicament is utterly unfair, improper and also mischievous. Mrs. Ford became a willing partner in this ‘crime.’ If she was right, there was absolutely no evidence for her accusation. Period!  

In the end, no amount of unfairness, delaying tactics, and vicious campaign could stop the nomination and Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed. Attacked and badly bruised, Kavanaugh came out of this ordeal with his head held high despite the bitter, vicious, and uncalled for political battle.  After all, justice had prevailed despite all the malicious, motivated, biased and unproven allegations, insinuations,

accusations, baseless charges, character-assassination, smear campaign, vilification, varied attacks, and vicious witch-hunt. Actually, the real target was the President but Judge Kavanaugh was caught in that bitterly hateful campaign against Trump and was made to suffer all that.

It was, naturally, fair that the President apologized to Brett Kavanaugh ‘on behalf of our nation’ for having to face all that.

The President appropriately, said at the oath-taking ceremony at The White House for the newly confirmed Kavanaugh: “On behalf of our nation, I want to apologize to Brett and the entire Kavanaugh family for the terrible pain and suffering you have been forced to endure. The confirmation process was based on "lies and deception."

"You, sir, under historic scrutiny, were proven innocent," said Trump, as Kavanaugh and his wife, daughters and parents looked on at the event broadcast live and attended by all the other Supreme Court justices, congressional leaders and administration officials.8, 201814:43

Brett Kavanaugh called the process "contentious and emotional, but added that, he held "no bitterness."

"Every American can be assured that I will be an independent and impartial justice," Kavanaugh said. "I was not appointed to serve one party or one interest, but one nation."

Kavanaugh also said that he had kept a promise he made during his Senate testimony to hire only female law clerks, the first time a justice has done so. [Incidentally, several women that worked for the Judge for years had come out openly in support of the embattled nominee.]