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Law Professor calls out Biden’s monumental ignorance at debate


The first presidential debate was a circus in more ways than one, starting with the fact that Trump was debating two people instead of one. In theory, the debate was supposed to be between Biden and Trump. In practice, however, Trump largely debated Wallace, in between fielding insults from Biden.

Who would have thought that Chris Wallace would pity Biden to the extent that he would effectively debate for him? Or, more accurately, why would Biden refuse an earpiece inspection (after agreeing to one initially); if he has an entire human body on stage willing to effectively debate for him?

One thing is for certain: Biden has some nerve telling Trump how “un-presidential” he is. So, according to Biden, repeatedly calling someone a “clown” and telling them to “shut up” is also befitting of a president? Imagine if Obama had received the same treatment. A firing squad would likely be awaiting someone who dared to do so.

What is even more un-presidential, however, is effectively lying to the public by not answering one of the most critical questions, if not the most critical question, of the debate: Whether or not Biden will increase the Supreme Court if Barrett is confirmed, yet Biden somehow manages to “win” (i.e., steal) the election. Most Americans, in particular those who have a clue about the government, are extremely interested in this answer.

However, Biden replied in one of the most insidious manners possible, effectively revealing the truth in his response.

“Whatever position I take on that, that will become the issue,” Biden said. “The American people should speak. You should go out and vote.” [Source: Fox News]

Great, Biden. The American people “should speak” in your favor, when having absolutely no idea what you’re planning (or what Harris is planning) to do with one of the most critical aspects of the American government! He also refused to answer Trump’s repetition of Wallace’s question, and Wallace again failed to “moderate.”

Fortunately, someone a bit more skilled than Mr. Wallace did chime in: A law professor from Cornell.

“Biden’s refusal to comment on packing the Supreme Court, as other prominent Democrats are advocating, is monumental news as it goes to the Democrats’ willingness and desire to unwind one of the fundamental norms of our judiciary and political system, a 9-member Supreme Court,” Cornell Law School professor and media critic William A. Jacobson told Fox News. [Source: Fox News] 

In a nutshell, Jacobson showed how, once again, Biden managed to dodge this critical question just like he dodges the public who is supposed to believe he is capable of leading America in the face of massively increasing international threats, particularly China (who is all too eager for a Biden victory).

Speaking of Hidin’ Biden, since when is someone’s vice-president more visible on the campaign trail than they are? When Biden “served” as the vice president to Obama, he certainly wasn’t on the campaign trail more than Obama was. Now that Biden is supposedly the real presidential candidate, Kamala Harris (who Obama thinks is so attractive, apparently) is showing up to meet people more than Biden is.

Interesting! Way to project confidence in your candidate, Dems. Assuming he’s your “real” candidate of course!

And, speaking of the lovely, oh so classy Harris, she dodged exactly like Biden did right before the debate, almost as if she was “prepping” him with her own despicably deceptive behavior. Even more hilariously, she did this to MSNBC, one of the chief architects of ultra-fake news.

“If Judge Barrett and the Democrats have control of the Senate next year, and the White House, and the House of Representatives, should the Supreme Court be expanded?” O’Donnell asked. 

“You know — first of all, I think Joe’s been very clear that he is going, uh, to pay attention to the fact and I am with him 1000%, pay attention to the fact that right now, Lawrence, people are voting. They’re voting,” Harris responded. [Source: Real Clear Politics] 

What? What kind of a response is that?

For someone so “smart” (by Democratic “standards”), she sure did give a stupid reply to that one. “People are voting”? “Uh”, yeah, they are “voting” Harris (much to your dismay, no doubt, if you’re ever honest with at least yourself). So, by refusing to answer the question, and using the insane comment “they’re voting,” … one would not need the intellectual power of Einstein to deduce what that means.

Clearly, you don’t want to upset people “voting” with the truth … your unquenchable thirst for power and desire to destroy the Constitution, which would involve grossly expanding the Supreme Court. Why don’t you nominate Ilhan Omar and AOC to the Court while you’re at it?

Oh, and the whole, “Joe’s been very clear” remark … What?! He’s been very clearly in outer space, sure, but whatever “clarity” you claim he possesses is well-hidden to everyone else.

Ultimately, the debate had so many egregious issues that it is clear that this particular issue may not have dominated any news waves in the way it should have.

However, for those interested in preserving the priceless freedoms that the United States was founded upon, Biden’s dodge on this particular question is perhaps the most illuminating … and dangerous, of all.

[Courtesy:  FREEMANNEWS]