Look Who's Talking

Yatindra Bhatnagar

Look who's talking!

He is former president Barack Obama.

The Man who divided the nation, politicized important government departments, weakened the military, opened the borders for illegals and the so-called refugees – including radicals and criminals -  who wanted the United Nations to control life, property, waters, arms and other rights of the American people, is now talking, and talking loudly.

The man who could not fight terrorism and disparaged and insulted the law enforcement, has the audacity to come up again and bring chaos to democracy and the nation.

Not content with his eight years in The White House, Obama has jumped in again in politics and has started campaigning vigorously to excite his disoriented Democratic Party to put up a fight. He wants the campaign against Trump to be more effective and meaningful – also meaning more chaotic and disruptive. He has started a vigorous election campaign for the November 6 mid-term election and wants to see his liberal, leftist Democrats regain majority in The House and Senate.

Obama in a speech at the University of Illinois-Urbana last week directly criticized the President for his conduct in the last two years and himself took credit for the accomplishment since he left office. He said the President is “capitalizing on resentment that politicians have been fanning for years.”

This is the first time Obama has criticized the President by name. Some progress!

It’s okay to plunge into politics again (though the tradition for ex-presidents has been different), but to allow, and even initiate, more disruption and chaos that he and his supporters have caused ever since Trump announced his intention to contest election for The White House, is disgraceful and unacceptable.

Remember, soon after the elections large demonstrations and sometimes violent protests were staged in many urban areas and neither Obama nor Hillary – the losing Democrat – ever condemned them, even mildly. That sowed the seeds of more resentment and chaos resulting in total defiance of the President and his policies by opposition for opposition’s. So much so that they made ‘sanctuary cities and sanctuary states’  to violate all the US laws and defend the law-breakers. Obama and his people never took issue with this violation of American laws and never condemned the idea of ‘sanctuary to criminals.’  

One of the results is utter lawlessness even in Obama’s own state and city – Illinois and Chicago - where murder rate, especially among the blacks, has reached alarming proportions. In the first week of August there were 73 shootings  in ‘Obama Town’ Chicago alone. Obama should be at least now be rethinking his policies and stand that did not improve the situation. It’s a shame that now even his own former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, got so fed up with the situation that he decided not to contest for Mayor of Chicago again.

What a “confession and failure.”  

But Obama and the Democratic, liberal, leftist supporters of the previous regime are up again and trying to create more mess in the country and its politics.

And may I ask, president Obama, sir: what are you trying to do now? Fan more resentment against the man who is not being given a chance to do whatever he promised in his campaign that people become convinced and elected him?

Does he not deserve a chance to do what he planned and promised?

Remember, Obama’s idea to 'transform the nation and bring about re-distribution of wealth' was rejected. He entered into a dangerous deal with Iran and transferred billions of dollars to the radical regime. He allowed his secretary of state Hillary Clinton's e-mail and Ben Ghazi scandals and his other 'stalwarts' like Susan Rice, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton and so on to manipulate things and get away with it.

There are so many scandals involving the Clintons and that continued under the Obama Watch. Clinton Foundation and Hillary misused every opportunity to make money, influence politics and indulge in “extreme carelessness”, to put it mildly. You, Mr. President, and your supporters did not do anything positive for the under-privileged to improve their economic, educational and social standing, but instead incited them against law enforcement and other races. 

Apart from all this, the surveillance of Trump Tower was wrong and illegal; exploiting the staff of IRS and FBI etc. for partisan and political purposes was completely wrong, unheard of  and unlawful. The collusion of Clintons with the Russians and getting a baseless dossier against Trump was financed by Clinton and the Democratic Party. All that happened under Obama’s watch, and you, Sir, did not do anything about it at all. On the contrary,  you were a party to all that scandals, directly or indirectly. And now YOU are calling the Kettle black.

And, lastly, Barack Obama neither admitted any wrong-doing nor accepted any responsibility for all those scandals and acts of omission and commission. He did not do anything solid for the black people – who are suffering, suppressed and killed in Democrats-ruled cities and states – but himself leads a luxurious life of expensive vacations at taxpayer expense, makes money-making speeches and collaborates in projects with wealthy people, and companies. He even got hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of land for his expensive Presidential Center from Illinois for peanuts. What is he complaining about?

He should NOW just keep quiet, watch and wait.