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Modi-Storm in India’s Mini Elections, Terrorist Storms London

Yatindra Bhatnagar

The last few weeks we saw two storms – one a peaceful political one led by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi that changed a big part of the political equation in the country. Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party scored a huge win, capturing more than three-fourth seats in Uttar Pradesh assembly and a big majority in Uttarakhand assembly (dislodging Congress). Modi Brigade also managed to form governments in Manipur (first time) and Goa.

No doubt Punjab saw re-emergence of Congress and the sad defeat of SAD (Shiromani Akali Dal) and BJP coalition. Capt. Amarindar Singh led the Congress to a big victory and formed the government. It was not so much a victory for Congress as it was a defeat for SAD – BJP. That ruling coalition suffered because of the Akalis (mainly the Badal father-son duo) that failed the state and angered its population with their mismanaged politics, ineffective rule and nepotism.

An interesting aspect of the big Punjab win for Congress is that it was because of Capt. Amarindar Singh’s positive and effective campaign and it came about despite Sonia-Rahul leadership.  Adding the fresh face of  Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra in Congress campaign in UP, was a huge failure of Rahul Gandhi’s leadership that had forged an alliance with the ruling Samajwadi Party of father-son-uncle, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Akhilesh Yadav and Shiv Gopal Yadav. It was a disaster.

And so was it for the rabble-rouser Mayawati, the BSP Supremo that was totally routed in the election. She was banking on Muslim votes and had given an overwhelmingly big chunk of tickets to them. Surprisingly the Muslim votes were severely divided and reports are that a large number of Burqa-clad Muslim women voted for the BJP for their policy of ‘development’ and opposition to Triple Talaq (quick divorce by uttering the words Talaq – divorce -  by husbands) that has suppressed Muslim women of India for centuries.

In Manipur and Goa, though the BJP did not have a majority (nobody had) but that party was quick enough to enlist the support of other smaller groups while the largest party – Congress – was undecided and just looked on. The BJP was able to prove their majority on the floor of the House also to seal their win. 

So much for poll politics that is changing the face of India.

The other was also a storm, in the historic British city of London where a terrorist, Khalid Masood, hurled his car on pedestrians on the London Bridge killing three   and injuring more than four dozen. Not satisfied with that he stabbed an unarmed policeman in the Parliament House area. He was shot dead by the security men before he could advance toward the main building. However, by his ghastly act he did manage to remind us once more that Jihadi Islam and its die-hard followers are on a killing rampage and would strike whenever and wherever they want.

The West, European countries and the US included, are not taking the Jihadi Islam’s ever growing ideology and violent threats seriously. For eight years the US President Barack Obama refused to describe the threat from Jihadi – or radical – Islam and its ideology of spreading Sharia laws and establishing Caliphate all over the ‘captured’ territories. Some say the terrorists are not real Muslims. Whatever they are they adhere to, and claim their love and utmost belief in Islamic ideology and the dream of establishing an Islamic Caliphate and the rule of Sharia all over the world.

For that goal, they kill, and want to kill more, Muslims or non-Muslims. For them, those who do not support them are not Muslims. They claim to act in the name of their god, Allah. And their extremist supporters are always there to applaud their acts and declare them martyrs. Others are indifferent, look the other way, minimize the crime and look for excuses, reasons and point fingers at the Western countries.

Even now Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden and other European countries seem to be complacent and not taking the threat – and various acts – seriously. On the other hand they try to downplay threats and violent acts by terrorists, and refugees from Syria and other Muslim countries. On the other hand there is a tendency to tolerate, accommodate and ignore the impending storms from the terrorists and flood of refugees.

While the Indian storm paves the way to a more stable government and progress the London storm is definitely an indication of more attacks in other countries and, destruction/disruption for peace, prosperity and people.

And this is not the first warning. The question is when will the leaders of the free, democratic world wake up smell the gun powder that is right under their nose?