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Obama Destroys 9/11 security system… to insult Trump! 

[This article on Facebook, Dec. 23, 2016 is worth re-reading]

President-elect Donald Trump represents the American people’s bitter rejection of President Barack Obama’s policies - and Obama despises Trump so much for that, he’s willing to jeopardize American safety.

Just how far the president is willing to go to make a point is shocking.

The Obama administration announced Dec. 22, it has officially destroyed the decades-old U.S. registration system for Muslim immigrants, and critics say the move has made America more vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

If Trump wants to introduce an expanded version of the program, which was put into place after the 9/11 attacks and used for years by the last two presidents, his administration will be forced to start from scratch.

The post-9/11 registration program for immigrant men arriving mainly from the Islamic world was created under former President George W. Bush and later used by Obama… before he stopped American security forces from enforcing it in 2011.

The decision to erase the security data from the books completely marks one of Obama’s last administrative actions on immigration and will slow Trump’s efforts to introduce tougher border security requirements, suggested by a top adviser.

The registration system started about a year after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade center and the Pentagon, requiring men and boys from a variety of mostly Middle Eastern countries to register with the federal government upon their arrival in the United States.

Registration, also applied to immigrants from North Korea, included fingerprints and photographs. People also were also required to notify the government if they changed addresses.

Trump has never publicly spoken about the program, but has made clear his desire to take a far tougher approach toward immigration, especially from suspected Islamic jihadi countries. Obama has always been soft towards them.

Trump and his advisers have suggested that the rising terror threat in the United States, Europe and elsewhere is directly linked to insufficiently vetted refugees and immigrants arriving from predominantly Muslim countries. After a truck attack killed 12 in a Christmas market in Berlin last December, Trump told reporters, “You know my plans.”

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a Trump confidant on immigration, has been more explicit on his plans for the registry. In November last, he said he wanted to launch an updated system for all foreigners from “high-risk” areas.

Meeting Trump in New York, Kobach carried a document labeled “Department of Homeland Security Kobach Strategic Plan for First 365 Days.” It described a reboot of the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS) as the top priority. Kobach helped draft the program while working at the Justice Department under George W. Bush.

Obama obviously got wind of the plan - and scrapped the whole thing.

If Trump opts to restart NSEERS and create a new program, he will have to start from scratch with a process that includes notifying the public about his plans. That could delay a new effort by months.

When the Obama administration stopped enforcing the system in April 2011, it said a newer data collection program would be sufficient to collect biometric information for all foreigners coming into the country. At the time, more than 80,000 foreigners were registered.

Now, it’s all gone - and Obama’s destruction of the program is a personal insult to American voter demands for internal and international security. For now Obama’s step has made America less safe!