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Obama era official drops bombshell about child refugees


Walter W. Murray

President Donald Trump was slammed as cruel, heartless, a monster, and many more harsh labels — along with some words we can’t even print here over border patrol policies.

But as it turns out, jailing families who have crossed the border illegally was not started by the Trump administration.

It was a policy straight from the administration of President Barack Obama. One of the top officials from the Obama era even called it “necessary.”

In a bit of “inconvenient truth” that the left and its media allies have conveniently ignored, the Obama administration detained families that broke the law by entering the country illegally.

“Without a doubt the images, and the reality, from 2014, just like 2018, are not pretty,” Jeh Johnson, Homeland Security secretary under Obama told Fox News. “We expanded it, I freely admit it was controversial, we believed it was necessary at the time, I still believe it is necessary to remain a certain capability for families.”

Johnson said the Obama administration jailed entire families – including children – who entered illegally as well as unaccompanied minors.

He’s not only defending these policies as “necessary,” he’s also going a step further by saying they’re still necessary today.

Someone should call Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). Looks like they owe Trump, and the rest of this administration, a huge apology after scapegoating him on these policies.

Of course, the Democrats know very well that this policy has been in place for years, as do others on the left. They’re just playing politics, as usual, and pulling any card they can to attack Trump, anger Americans, and derail the president’s agenda.

But Johnson, at least, is one of the few on the left showing any degree of consistency on the issue.

He even pointed out the insanity of the calls from Democrats to simply let illegal immigrants into the country, allowing them to roam freely while they wait for court cases, which can take years and often result in deportation orders that are never followed.

Many never even show up for those court hearings.

“We can’t have catch and release and in my three years we deported, or repatriated or returned over a million people,” he pointed out.

Johnson called on Congress to stop playing politics and let Homeland Security do its job to protect the border and ensure that those who enter the country do so legally.

“Continue our border security efforts. Give the border control, give immigration enforcement the tools they need, but let’s not go so far as to separate families,” he said. “But also continue what Congress started two years ago, aid to Central America to deal with the property and violence and also encourage other countries in the region, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, to develop their own systems for asylum, for refugee processing.”

A short-term strategy and a long-term solution, from a Democrat citing a policy launched by a Republican-led Congress!

Maybe the country could use a little more of that right now.

[ Walter W. Murray is a reporter for The Horn News. He is an outspoken conservative and a survival expert, and is the author of “America’s Final Warning.”]