Pakistan seems to forget crushing defeats against India

Yatindra Bhatnagar

Pakistan and its civilian-military leaders have probably forgotten the crushing defeats at the hands of India during their entire existence and are still showing war-like mood, and that too on Kashmir, they have no business doing so.

India’s action abrogating Article 370 and 35A giving special status and special privileges to Jammu & Kashmir state ended by the democratic process of Parliamentary approval and the President’s signature last month. Since mostly Kashmir Valley area had become a center of separatist and Pakistan-promoted/financed/trained infiltration the government put restriction on movement, assembly and other activities to safeguard lives and maintain peace.

India government’s decision was hailed overwhelmingly by the people of India barring a group of opposition parties that have been opposing the government on every issue. However, even the leader of the main opposition, Congress party’s Rahul Gandhi, declared recently that Jammu & Kashmir is India’s internal matter and Pakistan has no business interfering.

However, Pakistan’s one-point program of anti-India tirade has continued and since India’s action seeks to end Pakistan’s continued interference, Islamabad is in panic. Its political, military and radical Islamist leaders are agitating, rousing the common people by raising the familiar slogan of Islam /Muslims in danger and expressing solidarity with Kashmiri Muslims.

All these are hollow. Since when Pakistan’s rulers have become freedom and democracy-loving, upholders of human rights and advocates of peaceful co-existence? They have adopted constant acts of ‘hate India, blast India and infiltrate India’ to destabilize the peaceful developing and prosperous nation.

And Pakistan has also forgotten that there are more Muslims in India than Pakistan and they enjoy more rights and privileges, opportunity to grow and participate in all democratic institutions and forums denied to Muslims in Pakistan.

Pakistan has not learnt any lessons in the last seven decades and yet raises the call for a war against India.

The other day, Imran Khan, cricketer-turned politician [and with military’s support getting the Prime Minister’s job,] took on more offensive and aggressive mood against India. He called for mass demonstrations against India, and started saber-rattling – probably to show that he is more anti-India than extreme hardliners.

He wants Pakistanis to keep holding rallies regularly till he goes to New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly in September and raise the Kashmir issue there.

India reacted angrily to Khan's call for nationwide action.

"This is intended to project an alarmist situation which is far from ground realities," Indian foreign ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar told a regular press briefing.

Imran Khan is still hoping to get international support for his advocacy for Kashmir and its Muslim population. He has also forgotten the recent debate at the Security Council and the general policy of the overwhelming majority (14 – 1) of member-nations to not interfere in India’s internal affairs.

Instead, Imran Khan is creating a false sense of confusion and panic by warning the world that India could launch an attack on Pakistani-held Kashmir in an effort to divert attention from its ‘human rights abuses.’ He even threatened the world of a nuclear war and its worldwide consequences. 

Mr. Imran Khan, which dreamland you are living in?

Of course, Khan had also displayed some bravado when, after warning that India is going to attack Pakistan, he declared that his country will give a "befitting response" to the government of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Every brick will be countered with a stone," he said. "Our armed forces are ready" to respond to any such attack, he said.

He also said that ‘people in Indian-administered Kashmir have been living under a curfew for almost four weeks’ totally forgetting that people in Pakistan have lived under draconian Martial Law under military rulers for most of its existence.

In contrast, India has continued under a democratic rule and now in the recently held democratic elections Prime Minister Modi won again. [This was the world’s largest democratic exercise with 900 million registered voters.] Modi and his Cabinet are answerable to the Parliament - and the people. However, Imran Khan has the cheek to charge that Modi is a "fascist" and equated him with Adolf Hitler, saying he feared “genocide of Muslims in Kashmir.”

Imran Khan also forgets the Hindu population in Pakistan has come down drastically since Partition, and they enjoy no rights under the rigid Islamic laws in Pakistan, and are denied the basic rights of personal freedom, religious liberty and non-discrimination.

No Hindu has held any high office in Pakistan while in India Muslims have held – and are holding – some of the highest offices like the President, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, military chiefs, Governors and Chief Ministers of states.   

With these antics Imran Khan might save his post for some time but ultimately truth will prevail.