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Pelosi Calls 66k Opioid Deaths and 25k Illegal killers a “Manufactured Crisis”

This is how you know this woman is pure, unfiltered, undiluted EVIL.

Newly appointed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently called the crippling opioid epidemic and illegal alien murderers a “manufactured crisis.”

Tell that to the countless grieving families who have lost their loved ones to heroin or at the hands of murderous illegal aliens, Nancy!

In 2007, 66,000 Americans died of drug overdoses, with the majority of illegal drugs coming into our country across our southern border.

Meanwhile, a 2011 study shows that there were 25,000 illegal aliens in prison for homicide. The Government Accounting Office reported on incarcerations, arrests and costs of criminal immigrants.

That report noted the number of criminal illegal immigrants in federal prisons in 2010 was about 55,000; the number incarcerated in state prison systems and local jails was approximately 296,000 for the year 2009.

Based on the GAO’s sample of criminal immigrants, it’s estimated that the study population of these 249,000 criminals had actually been previously arrested around 1.7 million times, averaging about seven arrests per person. That translated into a half-million drug related offenses, 70,000 sexual offenses, 213,000 assaults, 125,000 arrests for larceny/theft and 25,000 homicides. 

Are you going to let someone who blatantly denies tens of thousands of deaths as a result of our open border tell you what’s “immoral”?

Heck no!

The Democrats’ days of pushing Americans around are numbered—as long as Trump is in office.

[Courtesy: Tea Party PAC]