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Pelosi Eyeing White House with Pence as New Target, Double Game of Impeachment

Yatindra Bhatnagar

Nancy Pelosi, 79-year-old Speaker of the House, is third in line of succession to be the President of the United States. This is a dream, only a dream, as to make it come true one has to get rid of not only the President but also the Vice President without winning the election for the highest office.

Pelosi knows that it is impossible for her to contest and win the White House (she would have tried that if she was convinced about it). And so she has devised the dubious way of impeaching President Trump and forcing the Vice President in a corner so that he could also be removed by a spate of inquiries, and/or demands for documents or forcing him to resign by any means possible.

That’s a double game she is playing and dreaming that it would be possible to win.

A crafty and ambitious politician, Pelosi dreams and invents ways to fulfill it but so far has not been able to move an inch toward her goal. Her impeachment move against Trump is going nowhere but she is still trying. Does not give up despite big hurdles.

Starting with the Russian Collusion witch hunt that ended in a fiasco, she and her cohorts then invented the Ukraine scandal that they are still pursuing despite finding no solid ground to move on. Next, they have this US troop withdrawal from Syrian decision by Trump that has given her some Republican support also.

On top of it now another issue of hosting G7 summit next year at Trump property of Doral, in Miami, that the President himself suggested has woken them up making it an issue of big corruption against the President.

This Doral summit issue is simple: the President thought the sprawling facility would be appropriate to host the world leaders and would be available for much less than market rates at other facilities. Trump remains a big real Estate owner and his properties bring him a lot of money in the normal course. He doesn’t need to profit at taxpayer’s expense. He even does not draw his presidential salary of 400,000 dollars a year. Doral should be an ideal place for the Summit with all the facilities for discussions, relaxation and housing the leaders, the media and other staff – at much cheaper rates than comparable facilities.

Normally there should be no dispute about it as the government would save a lot.

However, the Democrats and other critics of the President are not interested in either saving money of the taxpayer of making life easier for the guests.

They are interested in blasting the President, come what may, and at every step. Right or wrong doesn’t matter for them.

So this generated a tirade of criticism that the ‘President wants to benefit financially by hosting the Summit’ and that’s not allowed by the Constitution. You can twist the Constitution anyway you want – an act perfected by the Democrats, their liberal elite in Hollywood and big business and the totally biased mainstream media.

They don’t want to see anything good coming out from Trump. They have to blast it.

An exasperated Trump has withdrawn the offer and let the expense of holding the Summit soar.

But Pelosi’s attempts to derail Trump and oust the Vice President have continued.

Pelosi is constantly asking Pence to turn over documents regarding Ukraine and if he doesn’t comply with the request the impeachment inquiry would also include him.   

The Democrats would take the refusal as obstruction and can be used as evidence to impeach the president.

Pence, himself, could also face related repercussions and other possible action against him. You see, the majority in the House has emboldened the Democrats to change the rules, do as they please, hear witnesses privately barring the Republican members of Congress and not disclose what happened behind the closed doors. Adam Schiff is Pelosi’s main lieutenant in this plan.

They are acting like a Kangaroo court with no independent witnesses, no opposition or defense allowed and no public testimony before, during or after the hearing. Schiff supposedly heard the whistleblower and some other so-called key figures, including diplomats, in this ‘private’ behind the door inquiry and testimony.

Ever heard of such practice in a democracy, and a democracy like this country has?

Now according to reports the Dems are preparing to subpoena the Vice President and if he persisted in refusing he would also be made a target for impeachment.

Though it’s a long shot but Pelosi and her cohorts are so desperate they can go to any extent. They have no agenda for the nation, for the common people, for jobs, for national security, ‘refuge’ influx or anything related to America and its present and future. They are obsessed with the dream of removing Trump, also his VEEP and grabbing power. Pelosi’s dream is an integral part of the scheme.

Those indicate a more probable next step – Pence is subpoenaed – to the most extreme route that experts say Democrats are unlikely to pursue: Pence is also impeached.

This is treading on dangerous grounds but the Dems are not thinking, they are bent upon going their way and adopting measures that are neither democratic nor judicial, neither moral nor legitimate.

It’s simply a political fight where any means is fair for the Democrats.   

According to reports, Democrats have subpoenaed a variety of people inside and outside of the administration, including giving acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney a deadline to comply with a large documents request.

Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, testified under subpoena last week, after the administration ordered her not to appear before the House investigatory committees voluntarily. U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland has said he will testify under subpoena.

Trump and his team have told Democrats the White House will not provide documents or witnesses to House impeachment investigators because it considers their investigation to be unfair and illegitimate. Among their criticisms is the fact that the House has not formally voted to begin impeachment proceedings, a move that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has argued is not required.

Peter J. Wallison, who served as White House counsel to President Ronald Reagan, predicted the courts will view the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry as a political fight and not enforce any subpoenas.

“On the merits, I think the administration has it right, not to comply with requests for documents and testimony until the House actually adopts a resolution of impeachment,” Wallison said. “That’s the way it has been done in the past and is the only sensible way for this to proceed.”

Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley, who has participated in prior impeachment cases, said Pelosi’s refusal so far to hold a House vote on impeachment, weakens Democrats’ legal argument but is not fatal.

Trump has accused Democrats of trying to take him out by “coup.” If Trump were impeached by the Democratic-controlled House and removed by the Republican-controlled Senate, Pence would become president, keeping Republicans in control of the executive branch.

If both Trump and Pence were to be removed, however, Pelosi would become president.

While vice presidents can also be impeached, Pence’s operating theory may be that he’s protected because Pelosi is the next in succession, said Julian Epstein, who was the chief counsel for House Judiciary Committee Democrats during Clinton’s impeachment.

“There’s a certain amount of truth to that,” Epstein said. “But I’d be very careful if I were him. Certainly, if he’s not physically impeached, he can be reputationally impeached. This can be a definite career-ender for him."

Epstein said Pence should find back channels to signal that he wants to be as cooperative as he can be within the strictures of executive privilege.

Pence told reporters last week that he has no problem with the White House releasing transcripts of his conversations with the Ukrainian president, something he said White House lawyers are reviewing.

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