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Pulwama and India's Retaliation

DN Verma

The terror attack on India’s para-military convoy going on the national highway in the state of Jammu & Kashmir resulting in 40 deaths, last month, came as a shock to the nation and also to the law-abiding, democratic world. No wonder then, as a calculated and appropriate response by the Indian Air Force planes in less than two weeks, inflicted  a substantial loss of men and material on the other side. It naturally,  boosted the morale of India. It was also  justified by the world.

The political opposition, as is their nefarious role, tried to find fault with the Indian government and its action hinting at some ‘political advantage’ to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Some doubted the results, wanted solid evidence; some even wondered if the Pulwama attack on Indian military was a ‘conspiracy’ by the government.

Shame on those who intentionally let their brains go astray. But that also  happens. Some even doubt if America really landed  men on the moon.  

In any case, the Indian action came just weeks before the general elections ordered by the Election Commission. Obviously, whatever the government does or does not do, affects everything, including the elections. However, looking at everything in terms of elections and votes is malicious and shortsighted.

Should a government do or not do anything just because that will have a bearing on elections?

The timing of elections is also debatable. Should the government wait for the elections or take action when required? The elections were due in couple months and the Modi government could not wait for an appropriate response . Any government would have faced the opposition questions about the timing, but the present government took its own decision as and when the situation warranted.

It was the right decision and the timing was right. The Indian fighter pilots did what they were supposed to, and trained to, do and they did with maximum result. In that process the heroism of Indian Air Force pilots was once again clearly written on the skies all over the India-Pakistan border.

The Indian pilot, Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardhaman emerged as the hero who carried out his mission successfully, despite his plane being hit and he had to bale out. Indian and world pressure made the Pakistani government release the hero in days. 

The important point is that India did not attack the civilian population but aimed only at the terrorist camps.  That set the Indian policy apart from the other side. It was effective, limited and impressive action.

Pakistan, with its new military-and-radical-religious parties- linked Imran Khan government facing the reality would be advised to change its course. Pakistan was made to realize that the civilized world knows the truth about its terror network, terror leaders and organizations, and their links with the rulers in Islamabad.

Hope the new and hard lessons have gone down the heads and minds of Pakistan’s rulers and terror outfits. With India’s growing clout in the world, the pressure is building up against Pakistan and its constant proxy war on India.

In addition, for a change, the Indian government’s determined action  against Kashmiri separatist and anti-national organizations has also sent a clear message to everyone concerned – no more appeasement and tolerance for anti-national elements.   

The present government will not follow the decades-long failed policy of previous governments that divided the people, sowed the seeds of separatism and diverted the youth to wrong path of self-destruction.