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Read, research and then only open your mouth

DN Verma

The western journalists, so-called scholars, liberals and the like keep on commenting on subjects they hardly know anything about. Yet they have to open their mouths or tap on their computers to churn out stories after stories. Yes, those are just stories, some fake, some garbled, some embellished, and some totally exaggerated, and of course, absolutely one- sided. This is now especially about the situation in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir that for seven decades had enjoyed a special status that was ended last year and is now divided into two Union Territories – Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh. ,

This story is, again, one sided. When about half a million Hindus in Kashmir Valley faced torture, harassment, rapes, abduction of their girls and women, killed and forced to flee and become refugees in their own state and their own country where were these bleeding heart 'human rights' advocates and their supporters?

Don't accuse the Indian government for now not tolerating anti-India, anti-Police and anti-law enforcement people. They have been pelting stones, facilitating infiltration from Pakistan, indulging in terror acts, and destruction of Hindu temples and other Hindu places.

Hindus were driven out, their jobs and lands and businesses were taken over and daily announcements from mosques were made to threaten and harass Hindus for years. No one in the western world, the so-called human rights advocates and liberals said one word against these acts. Now that the Indian government has enforced a uniform law instead of a "Special Status" for Muslim separatists, some are appalled and are crying murder. They should be ashamed of themselves. Please leave this matter to the Indian government that has the legitimate and legal right to restore normalcy, curb separatism and terrorism and enforce its laws in their own state to end all kinds of discrimination and protect the persecuted and harassed minorities, in this case all non-Muslims in the region - Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians also Dalits and Parsis.

These steps are also beneficial to common Muslims, and Muslim women in Kashmir who were exploited and did not get anything from the ‘Special Status.’ Only the elite ruling class benefitted.

Now in another instance, a few hundred so-called scientists, scholars and activists have protested against the Citizenship Bill passed by both the Houses of Parliament. These bleeding heart liberals and pseudo-seculars don’t realize that the Bill protected those minority groups that suffered in Muslim majority countries and fled to India. THEY are the ones needing protection. The illegal influx of Muslims fleeing Muslim countries don’t deserve sympathy Indian citizenship. There is nothing communal about it – only making a distinction between those who are REAL refugees who suffered persecution, and those others who were not persecuted but want economic betterment.

There could be some exceptions like for a very small group of Muslims like Daudi Bohras and Ahmadiyas who could prove that they were harassed and persecuted – not a vast majority of ‘other’ Muslims who are not refugees in the persecuted category, and many of them voted for a separate Muslim country out of India. .

All over predominantly Hindu India, non-Hindu minorities are fully protected, enjoy their freedoms and rights very much, in some cases more. The rights and privileges for all are so good that millions of Muslims come to India in droves illegally and no Muslim wants to leave and settle in any other Muslim country.

So please research and then say/write these things. Or better shut up till you know everything in its correct perspective and your brains are ‘really and honestly’ cleaned.