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Republicans “Blindsided” by Trump doing what he said he would do


According to Politico, Republicans on Capitol Hill are in a “general state of shock” after President Trump decided to declare a national emergency at the (southern) border. They were reportedly “blindsided” by Trump’s decision to do exactly what he said he would do.

We’re not even sure what to say about Republicans in Congress who are bewildered and angry at this declaration. Are they stupid? Naïve? Taken aback by a president who actually follows through on his promises? 

They left him absolutely no choice. For two solid years of majority rule, they failed to come up with the money needed to build the wall! This week, they cornered him and told him there MUST not be another shutdown. Did they think he was just going to roll over and play dead? 

They must have mistaken Donald Trump for…themselves!

“I wish he wouldn’t have done it,” said Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), who normally exhibits more backbone and common sense than this. “If [Trump] figures that Congress didn’t do enough and he’s got to do it, then I imagine we’ll find out whether he’s got the authority to do it by the courts.”

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) said it was a “dramatic expansion” of the emergency powers afforded the president.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said he’s “not really for it.”

Sen. Marco Rubio said it was a “bad idea” that could set a troubling precedent for a future Democratic president to follow.

“It’s a mistake on the president’s part,” said the all-but-useless Sen. Susan Collins of Maine. “I also believe that it will be challenged in court. It undermines the role of Congress and the appropriations process.”

No, Susan, you know who undermined the role of Congress? Congress.

We have a lot of respect for (most of) these Republicans, but they are still stuck back in the world of 2015. They haven’t yet come to terms with the way Washington – and the country – has changed. Trump was a response to that change, and sometimes he seems like the only guy in the room who actually gets what’s happening here.

The Democratic Party, the liberal media, and all the left-wing interests groups are trying to DESTROY this nation. Point blank. Period. End of story. If you don’t think the border crisis is an “emergency,” then know for certain that the left’s efforts to turn this into a communist hellhole absolutely constitutes one.

And open borders are a key part of their game plan.

Who gives a damn what kind of “precedent” it sets for the Democrats? Since when have they ever been bound by the law in the first place? Was Obama following a precedent when he wrote immigration law from the Oval Office? Were Democrats following a precedent when they tried to ruin a Supreme Court nominee’s life by bringing flimsy, utterly unproven accusations against him? To hell with precedent! We have to do what we must, to protect this country. 

Republicans should stop being “shocked” and start waking up. 

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