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San Francisco Just Elected Son of Terrorists as District Attorney

It’s no secret that since September of 2001, America has been fighting a war on terrorism. We have sent countless men and women overseas to combat deadly forces, all intent on taking down western civilization as we know it. Numerous terrorist groups, cells, leaders, and followers have been taken out by American forces in lands that we cannot call home.

And yet when it comes to our nation, our own cities and streets, we have somehow failed the mission. Right now, at this very moment, there are more terrorist groups and individuals already within our borders than we would care to admit. ISIS, of course, is the most widely known group. And the FBI has stated that it has cells in every single American state, and many states have more than one cell.

And that’s just one group. There are many more. The numbers are actually quite astounding. And those are just the known ones. New ones are being found daily.

This information worries, if not scares, most people. It certainly does me. However, not everyone seems to be so concerned.

Take the city of San Francisco, California, for example. While the city is known for its Democratic-run government and liberal choices [like sanctuary city, in a sanctuary state], it is still located in America. Therefore, you would think its citizens would be against anything that could or would seek to cause our nation harm.

However, that simply isn’t the case.

The city just elected a new District Attorney, Chesa Boudin. He, like many liberal lawmakers in this day, ran on promises to make reforms to criminal justice that include freeing criminals of “crimes of poverty” and instead, prosecuting police and ICE agents who work towards deportation.

And while that may be hard enough to wrap your mind around, that is by far not the worst thing about him.

Chesa’s parents, Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, were active members of a terrorist organization known as Weather Underground. The two even helped to rob an armored car in 1981, where two police officers and a security guard were killed.

After they were convicted of murder and sent to prison, custody of Chesa was given to Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who were also members of the Weather Underground. By the time custody was granted, Dohrn was already on the FBI’s most-wanted list for her and Ayers leading of the group in the 60s and 70s, during which time they orchestrated at least five bombings and four murders.

[According to Wikipedia, William Charles Ayers born December 26, 1944) and in 1969, co-founded the Weather Underground, a self-described Communist revolutionary group with the intent to overthrow imperialism, that conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings (including police stations, the US Capitol Building, and the Pentagon) during the 1960s and 1970s in response to US involvement in the Vietnam War.

Ayers is a retired professor. During the 2008 US presidential campaign, a controversy arose over his contacts with then-candidate Barack Obama.]

Dohrn and Ayers had faced charges for those actions and were found to be guilty, but because of the FBI’s mishandling of several pieces of the investigation, they were allowed to walk free.

Since then, Dohrn, Ayers, and even Chesa’s mother, Kathy Boudin, have gone on to become professors in U.S. colleges. Boudin teaches at Columbia and is the co-founder of their Center for Justice.

These are the people who raised Chesa Boudin.

Now, we can’t assume, simply based on his parent’s and caretaker’s actions, that he holds the same beliefs. After all, you can’t blame the child for the parent’s sins. But it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume he picked up a few things from them, either.

And that certainly seems to be the case. In fact, Chesa has made public statements on more than one occasion about his parents and their actions, and during all of them, he says he wholly supports them. Furthermore, he has said that he agrees with their mission and his campaign proved it. Time and time again, he boasted of his parent’s actions and the need to put those same thought patterns into the government. And none of this was kept secret.

You know what that means? The people of San Francisco just knowingly put a terrorist in office. Voters in San Fran just sided with terrorism, not patriotism.

I think it’s safe to say the city is officially lost. In fact, the whole state of California might as well be too. Think of all the damages that a terrorist cell that has infiltrated the government could do. And even worse than that, we have terrorist leaders teaching our children.

How will we ever recover? Even if we ousted these people today, it would take ages to get back what we have lost.

San Francisco is essentially Palestine. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

[And on top of it, the US House Speaker and the Governor of California State plus both the US Senators are Democrats and probably oblivious, or most likely, have a ‘don’t-care’ attitude.]

 [Courtesy: Gunning for Freedom. This report is written by the editor.]