Just in Jest

Sick husband, slick wife

The husband became very sick......He consulted many multi facility hospitals..... Still couldn't get cured...He was very very sad. 

Then his wife advised, "why don't you consult a veterinary doctor?" 

He was shocked..then angry. He screamed at her....are you mad...??. 

She replied softly.."nothing has happened to me.... It is you who is having a problem......You wake up early in the morning like a cock,.....take half a bath like a crow, something like a monkey,.then run to office like a race horse .you work like a donkey.forgetting your food and family,.....there u scream to your juniors like a wild bear, night you reach home late and bark at us like a dog ......then you eat like a pig , you go to bed and sleep like a buffalo. 

She added: “Now, is there any more doubt about which doctor you should meet?” 

The man just sat there gaping.... 

Then the wife’s final comment: “Now, why are u looking at me like an owl...??"


[Sent by Seema Suneja from Houston.]