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Sonam Kapoor Can’t keep her mouth shut

Yatindra Bhatnagar

One of India’s younger actresses, and an outspoken woman, Sonam Kapoor has never shied away from voicing her opinions on matters close to her heart and she wasn’t going to bow out, even if it involved calling out US President Donald Trump. Taking to her social networking handle, the actress called the president an ‘imbecile’ for his controversial move to lift the ban on elephant and other hunting trophies in the USA.

The actress shared her views on the subject after American comedian and show host Ellen DeGeneres posted a tweet that read, “The President has quietly started allowing elephant and other hunting trophies into the US. I’m saying it as loudly as possible: This is appalling. We need to raise our voices and make this stop.”

Re-tweeting the post, Sonam hit out at the President saying, “Hunting is illegal in India, one of the things the world can learn from us! Trump is an imbecile! [It’s controversial that the nearly half century-old ban on hunting has really helped India’s wild life, forest preservation or saving farmer’s crops.

[Except for tigers’ protection other wild life protection/preservation is not systematically done, latest figures are not maintained nor hunting regulated. And Sonam was not talking about tigers.]   

This isn’t the first time Trump found a critic in Sonam. She had taken a dig at the President, calling him "joker" when he called multi-Oscar-winning star Meryl Streep an "over-rated actress".

Sonam, otherwise a good actress with many hit films and personal  awards, might also be over-rated though is constantly praised for her sense of fashion and lavish taste. Daughter of one of the famous stars, Anil Kapoor, she, it seems, has stopped growing as an actor. Many others are now ahead of her and probably that’s why she is making all kinds of statements that one might say, are well beyond her domain or calling.

I don’t know if she has been doing anything outstanding about animal rights or promoting animal welfare, apart from adopting three stray dogs and getting PETA awards. There is much more to being a PETA awardee and effective animal rights advocate and working to preserve animals in their natural habitats and ensuring a correct balance between hunting and protection.

That would be a real good act.   

However, Miss Kapoor (reported to be planning to become a Mrs. soon) is never credited with relevancy, discretion or even decency. Not long ago she commented about Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev. She said: I don’t know Baba Ramdev, I know only Baba Black Sheep.

Now what would you think about this actor? An ignorant, arrogant and disrespectful person or an actor with awards and money, and fashionista status and advocate for animal rights?   

Regarding poaching and killing elephants for their ivory tusks there is a worldwide ban on ivory trade and ivory carving. It’s a pity that the ban on ivory trade and buying/selling of ivory (tusks) has resulted in thousands of craftsmen losing their jobs and the beautiful craftsmanship lost (tusks from dead elephants - natural deaths - is destroyed.) What a pity!

Instead of this wholesale ban steps could have been taken to prevent poaching and illegal killing of elephants., Ivory trade and carvings should not have been banned because that destroyed high quality art work on ivory – India was one of the top countries with skilled craftsmen who did a wonderful job with ivory. That art is now gone to the zeal of activists like Sonam. The death of this beautiful art should be lamented.


[Contributed and  compiled by staff]