The big tally of terror continues – four-fold


Yatindra Bhatnagar 

The terror attacks never stop. They continue and so they did during the entire holy month of Ramadan. It happened worldwide, as usual. The London Mayor had said a few months after he took over that he believes the threat of terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city. We have to accept that.” Wow! 

Does that mean we should not live in big cities and move to smaller ones. And that the terrorists will not attack us there. That we have to accept the fact that the government is incapable of protecting us and that terrorists will continue to kill, maim and terrorize us and that we have to accept that. 

What a reaction to terrorism! 

This kind of European mentality is one of the major reasons for more attacks, more people being killed, many more injured. Attacks continue worldwide. They did not stop, rather increased, during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan – four-fold killings than last year’s Ramadan. There were 1627 killings but not many raised their voice. They are afraid. They are “Politically Correct.” 

This is just the attitude and indifference to whatever is going on in the world. We should  be vigilant, and we should be prepared for these incidents but they will happen, that’s an accepted fact of life. We will have to live with it, that’s what we keep hearing. Fortunately in the United States the new President has toughened his stand and wants to make the country safer. He doesn’t parrot Sadiq Khan’s words; he had actually blasted the London Mayor after the London bridge killings when a terrorist ploughed through pedestrians and killed and maimed dozens. 

“Politically Correct” reactions encourage terrorists to keep doing what they do best – kill. They love death, not life. Luckily for them, many governments - especially the Europeans, and leaders like Mayor Sadiq Khan, and Germany’s Angela Merkel would not do anything concrete and allow more ‘refugees.’ By saying that this is a part of life we are expressing our helplessness. 

People like Sadiq Khan should be ashamed of themselves. The Mayor of London, the Capital city of Britain where once the great leader Winston Churchill led the free world against Nazi terror, should read what Churchill used to say. Churchill never said things like “German bombers will keep on bombing  our big cities and we should accept that as a part of our life.” 

And of course leaders will be making speeches and ask us to be vigilant. Even G-20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany recently, decides to do more to fight terror – only with words, as nothing concrete was discussed, decided and announced. 

We hear sermons for more tolerance, more empathy, more globalization, and more inclusiveness – and even forgiveness and to follow human rights, even for jihadis who want to destroy us, our countries, our religion and our culture. 

We know Canada’s liberal government gave millions to a convicted terrorist who killed and wants him to start a new life as a free man. [Read separate article.] Forget that he got terror-training, he killed, his father and family carried out terror acts and he still is proud of what he did. But he is a ‘child victim.’ How sweet! 

In UK dozens of returning Jihadis are allowed to live a decent, protected, pampered life because of their “human rights” guaranteed by the British government. Do the common people who get killed and maimed have no human rights and do not deserve anything as peaceful, loyal citizens paying all the taxes? 

Don’t question why US funds going to countries and establishments that raise the ‘war cry’ of  “death to America.”  They also honor dead terrorists as martyrs and compensate their families from the generous American tax-payer’s hard earned money. Pakistan and Palestinian Authority are just two examples of gross misuse of American generosity. 

But we should not question that. 

Instead we hear more comments blaming us for being racist, hate-mongers, intolerant and so on.

Forget the ‘Holy month of Ramadan’ and follow the instructions of your holy men who want more such acts in the holy month. You continue your job. You kill people inside the Parliament House even in Tehran. Kill across the border in India. This week in Germany there was yet another knife attack where people were killed and injured. There are numerous places - and most of these in Muslim countries – where you keep attacking and killing, maiming and terrorizing the innocents – men, women and children. You don’t discriminate. 

Keep planning for more such 'pious' acts. Keep your terror calendar full. Heaven is waiting for you. 

We are ‘Politically Correct,’ will not describe you as radical and extremist or jihadis, and brutal and inhuman.

How noble! 

Many of our own people keep fighting our president on anything, just anything, even his handshake with another VIP’s wife. Some are fighting him for his fight against wasting tax-payer money for unnecessary projects. They want to oppose for opposition’s  sake. Some do that to prepare grounds to run for higher office once they reach the limit to their current posts. 

We are still supposed to honor the previous US regime’s unilateral commitment to accept hundreds of thousands of ‘refugees’ and give them preference over our own needy people. We won’t even ask them to be loyal to this country – or any country giving them shelter and protection without expecting them to integrate, assimilate or be loyal. They can create their “No Go Zones with their own laws and life style even when these are in extreme conflict with the host nation’s own laws, life style, or culture or history, tradition or heritage. 

Their brothers can destroy ancient monuments and blast your own heritage landmarks in the countries that you overrun or flee. We just condemn and stop. 

You may bring your problems, your ailments, your hatred for us, your many wives and many more kids - and keep producing more here -  we will help you settle all here and help you divide us more. 

You don’t worry. Those liberals, leftists, Hollywood elites, defeated politicians and many other bleeding hearts are with you. It’s politics and it’s a vote-catching trick.