Random Recollection

The Fake and Biased media

Yatindra Bhatnagar

There was a time when we were told that “News is sacred, comment is free.” That means you have to report news as it is, no injecting your own bias, interpretation or twist. It cannot be opinionated. For comments, you are free to do it, give your opinion, blast or praise whatever was in the news.

However, you cannot be dishonest even in your comments, don’t take things out of context, don’t distort the facts and don’t let your writing show your total bias, partisanship and falsehood,

All these applied if you are a media person. If you are not then sky is the limit for your prejudice, dishonesty, falsehood and the like.

Even there, in social life you don’t have to be a fraud, a totally dishonest person, a bigot, and the one who habitually and intentionally twists facts to suit his or her own thinking.

We see all the bad things in the media these days – facts are ignored; opinions are injected in the news and in the comments based not on facts but your own bias.

And this is not confined to the American media – print and online, TV and radio. It is well known that the mainstream media in the US is totally biased in favor of the Democrats, is liberal, left-leaning or even in many ways anti-America in their zeal to blast the current President of the United States. They will, along with the Democrat Party and the liberal, socialist and Hollywood elite to even defend countries like China against their own country. The Democrats in the House and outside, and the mainstream media are reluctant to blame China for anything – from its role in Corona pandemic, influencing the Internet and American universities with big funding and a host of other issues.

This is not confined to America. Some big newspapers in India also are following this bias and blasting their own country and the current administration in America.

The case in point is the reporting in one of the largest English language newspapers in India: The Times of India.

In its recent edition, on the latest issue of nominating a replacement for the deceased Supreme court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, its report from Washington all that one could find is bias, anti-Trump, liberal, totally partisan propaganda that the Democrats anti-Trump and anti-Republican politicians spin every day.

The report is biased in words, reporting and writing. It even gives so much importance to Ginsburg’s ‘dying wish’ to not nominate a successor before the elections.

Normally, ‘the dying wish’ is for the heirs and inheritors in the family. The Supreme Court is not Ginsburg’s family and a national need is not her personal preference. But the Times reporter gives more weight to the ‘dying wish’ than to the necessity to fill the vacancy at the highest court of the land.

It’s another matter that ageing and ailing Ginsburg (she was 87 and in-and-out of hospitals for Cancer and other related-unrelated ailments, and even unable to attend the court hearings and dictated her opinions from home) clung to her post instead of voluntarily resigning. She was so anti-Trump that she did not him to fill the vacancy

On top of it, she had publicly supported the Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 – breaking a tradition that judges do not express their political opinion publicly. And the Democrats, the liberal media and the like treated it as no big deal; they would have shred a Republican to pieces if the case was just the opposite.