The Nation Needs Safety, Jobs, Strong Military and Economy, Not Lies

Yatindra Bhatnagar

[This weekend we start the second phase of our online newsmagazine Internationalopinion.com that has been hardly functioning for the last few years. The circumstances were disturbing, terrible, and also sad. They also involved moving from state to state to state and city to city to city. Now we hope some kind of continuity will result for we are, kind of, coming round to accept the saying “The show must go on.” More on that in Random Recollection, later.]

For the present we are faced with a chaotic election scene with a lot of confusion, and also challenges. This presidential election in the United States is unique where a career politician with a scandalous past is pitted against an ‘outsider’ also with a controversial record.

The Democratic Party’s Hillary Clinton has been in politics for about four decades and is said to be trying relentlessly to work for power and pelf. Some say she would adopt anything and everything that would lead her to more of those. In that process she has maneuvered her own party leadership, misused her position, played the ‘woman card,’ influenced the state machine, was “extremely careless” handling state secrets (FBI, e-mails and destruction of evidence), and deftly manipulated the mainstream media. Of course, her lies have become legendary.

On the other hand, the Republican candidate Donald Trump has adopted the strategy of bluntly and ruthlessly demolishing the goody goody image of a politician and becoming “politically incorrect.” He has been making statements and showing the traits of a combatant by destroying the “Establishment” in his own party and speaking his mind freely, a little more than freely, fearlessly and forcefully. The way he conducts himself is far from the accepted norm of a seasoned politician but who said he is one. He is a businessman and knows how to conduct one.

The way Trump trounced his dozen rivals in the Republican primaries is more than enough proof that he is popular with the vast number of politically aware people fed up with the status quo, politically correct policies and hollow proclamations of the crafty and entrenched politicians. People want a drastic change. Trump seems to be their answer. This is amply demonstrated by a photo of a couple at a Trump rally in Golden, Colorado, wearing T-shirts with this written at the back:

Obama called me Clinger

Hillary calls me Deplorable

Terrorists call me Infidel

Trump calls me

A M E R I C A N !  

What a fitting statement! And what a difference in perception.  

They want the President to lead the whole country and not be partisan and totally divisive by putting men against women, straight versus gays, legal and illegal, Christian against non-Christians and blacks versus whites, rich against the poor and so on. And mind you, earlier Obama had said clearly that his Christian beliefs are against same sex marriage. And now he is its biggest supporter and it has been blessed by the court.

Obama has discovered yet another way to disturb and disrupt the society by his senseless ‘bathroom policy’ in schools. This has infected stores and even airport restrooms also. The other day I and my daughter were shocked to see a ‘man’ coming out of a ‘women’ restroom. Hillary supports all that.

The people want to see the President’s leadership in providing safety and security of the nation. How he conducts the war on terror. How he stops illegal influx that weaken the country and burden its people and economy. They are eager to see how the President ensures robust economic growth, eases tax burden, and helps create more real jobs. Instead, Obama, and his current protégé Hillary (who he thinks would carry on his legacy), are working to expand and extend more and more control by the government over the lives and conduct of the common people, open the borders for unlimited influx of ‘refugees’ and other illegals, and also weaken the American sovereignty to accept various laws of the United Nations. And what’s frightening is their halting response to fighting radical Islam’s brutal terrorist war at home and abroad.

Hillary’s personal - and her Foundation’s - connections with some radicals have been questioned and suspected but there are no satisfactory answers, only hollow denials. Obama’s soft approach is there for all to see and deplore. He and Hillary have even refused to identify the terror war all around us as  radical, Islamist jihad or something that pinpoint the real source. On the contrary, they had, and continue to appoint and shelter/defend extremist elements of the Muslim Brotherhood, a vast group that has been declared a terrorist organization even by several Muslim countries.

And that’s what prompted Trump to demand a ban on Muslim immigration to America till a sound, foolproof mechanism is in place to thoroughly screen all the migrants, especially from terrorist countries.

What’s wrong with that? This is important for the safety of the nation and its people. There should be unanimity on this issue, not opposition.

In short, people have seen the divisiveness in the country and weakening of its borders and defense. They are aware of the growing threat to the nation, internally and externally, and the half-hearted policy of the government in dealing with them. The people also realize that the current President has politicized various departments of the government, ended transparency, resorted to autocratic steps like issuing executive orders and injecting his own socialist ideology to dismantle the social structure of this country, its religious beliefs, its military and its roots.  

Hillary Clinton’s unending e-mail scandals have cast a deep shadow on her character, her ability to keep state secrets, being honest and truthful, respecting her position. She is exposed in her public and private stand on various social and economic issues of national importance.

Clinton has also trampled upon the ethics of avoiding conflict of interest. On the contrary it has been amply proved that she used the State Department for promoting the family foundation, and collecting millions from dubious and dangerous sources and evading the truth at every step. And remember, when leaving the White House, Hillary had said: “We are dead broke.” Now she and her family are sitting atop hundreds of millions of dollars as the Clinton Family Foundation keeps collecting.

Her getting away with “extreme carelessness” in handling classified data and setting up a private server, and then destroying thousands of e-mails, and also some of the gadgets that were clear evidence of a crime committed are unpardonable. For a thousand of one percent of what she did, hundreds of others are rotting in jails.

Yes, there are genuine concerns about Trump’s behavior – sexual and otherwise – termed as irresponsible, weird, thoughtless etc. The fear has been systematically spread that as President, Trump would behave recklessly with America’s nuclear weapons, with business deals with other countries and with the nation’s economy. Sometimes there is more emphasis on Trump’s so-called and unproven ‘sexual misbehavior’ than real issues facing the nation. He did say something terrible to be suspected of being a sexual deviant. Years ago he is on record saying something unacceptable, and he is relentlessly attacked for it. That Trump has apologized for those words have been ignored. Even Trump’s wife has found those words ‘unacceptable.’

Trump is also accused of doing something horrible and several women have come up with that. Some complaints are three decades old. But he is not being investigated for those allegations, he has adamantly denied them, and the timing of the accusations also is suspicious. Some other people have done horrible things, used, abused, misused, dumped – and tried to destroy the accusers. Those culprits have been investigated, even impeached and proven liars but Hillary has consistently defended their actions and tried to defame and destroy those who accused the man – her own husband Bill Clinton.  She has said it was a “vast right-wing conspiracy” and never once condemned Bill for his horrible actions.  

This situation raises pertinent point that allegations against Trump might not be true. No doubt they are serious but not yet investigated, proven or the accused found guilty. So, put them aside for now and more over to more serious issues of national importance and vote on them.

Hillary’s e-mail scandals, and the conflict of interest, misuse of government position and manipulation with the media and a dozen other serious actions are alarming, and gravely deplorable. She has resorted to unending white lies, obstruction of justice, influencing the investigators, and also giving campaign donation to the close aides/relatives of those connected with the e-mail investigation. These are very serious issues.

Then there are some officials investigating Hillary but have been very close to the lady and the Democratic Party. These are relevant and important concerns more than enough to shake the voters’ confidence. Hillary has no answer to these and no logical and solid defense against them. It’s said that all politicians lie, but the Clintons lie with ease, so much so that after some time they start believing in them.

A couple of Indian-American newsmagazines have endorsed Hillary and decried a growing number of Trump’s Indo-American supporters as, kind of, deplorables, copying Hillary. These papers claim Hillary to be a friend of India and Indo-Americans. One small instance – though years back - exposes what Hillary is, and has been, and her disdain for Indians.

This is from another Indian-American newsmagazine India Post of  January 30, 2004: “On January 3, Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) stood in front of 20 guests and reporters at a fund-raiser for Nancy Farmer and introduced a quote from Mahatma Gandhi by saying, “He [Gandhi} ran a gas station down in St. Louis. No, he was a great leader of the twentieth century.”

The remark was not only demeaning and insensitive but also reflected poorly of what Hillary thought about Indians – reducing them just only as gas station owners and demeaning even the gas station workers. For her Indian doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs big business people, CEOs, venture capitalists, IT experts, etc. did not exist or were to be just ignored. Moreover saying a great man like Gandhi worked at a demeaning, low job of a gas station worker is reckless, a bad joke if it was meant to be one.

I have the highest respect for anyone working hard at any job earning an honest living than a person assuming an aura of superiority complex and demeaning others. That, to me, was highly offensive and demeaning, not only for Mahatma Gandhi but for those hard working Indians who have and are continuously contributing to the prosperity of this country and its people – all people.

But that is now irrelevant. More so for Hillary for she thinks she is above everything – especially above the law. 

Well, the time has come for the voters – millions have already voted taking advantage of early voting, that, I maintain, is partly negating the fair process of a democratic election.

Then there is the absolutely unacceptable opposition to a voter-photo ID that the Democrats are vehemently opposing and the Republicans emphasizing its need for a long time. The Democratic-leaning court has struck down the voter-ID law passed by some states on the ground that it is discriminatory and puts minorities, poor and elderly at serious disadvantage. Nothing is farther from truth. The voter-photo ID is a  very important and solid step to stop, or at least minimize, suspicion of fraudulent voting. Every voter should have a photo ID. It’s required for cashing a check, withdrawing money at a bank, while applying for a job, at the airports, and a host of other occasions. Why should it not be made mandatory at the voting booth for the most sacred duty to vote?

But those interested in adopting fraudulent methods don’t want it and for now they have won over the court.

How far these tactics will go to tilt the balance in favor of Hillary we don’t know. But we hope that serious national issues would be the prime concern of the voters on November 8 and they will vote for a real change, safety, security, jobs, border-control, stopping casually vetted influx of ‘refugees,’ end of suffocating government control and leftism/liberalism that have done immense harm to the country.