The US Mid-term elections and after

Yatindra Bhatnagar

The just concluded mid-term elections in the United States did result in a fractured outcome with the Democratic Party winning a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate remaining firmly – and even getting more – in the hands of the Republicans.

One could conveniently say that the major aim of President Trump was achieved – control of the Senate. On the other hand the Democrats gained much more to flip the House and gained a big majority and the ability to challenge the President on every step he takes in the next two years. [Not that they were not doing so even when in minority.]

Of course, that’s a big achievement for the Democrats – flipping the House. However, it’s doubtful if that is a sure sign of what’s going to happen in 2020.  The mid-term has not always been in favor of the ruling party. But for now, the Democrats can rejoice at their big win. 

On the other hand, a few parts of the political scenario have become clear with the Mid-term.

One: the Democrats raised more money and also huge support from the big biz and Hollywood/Silicon Valley celebrities, and also from behind-the-scene big operatives such as George Soros who poured hundreds of millions to create chaos and rattle Trump.

[His aim seems to unsettle everything and destroy this country with his crazy ideas and actions. He has floated numerous organizations to promote his aims – aims that have nothing to do to strengthen America and remake it into a very vibrant and prosperous economy with all-around stability, security on the borders and a stronger military.]

The Democrats got the near-total vigorous backing of the mainstream media with their fake news and relentless anti-Trump tirade.  It became clear that the mainstream media was behaving as a part of the Democratic Party. The Dems and their supporters also  adopted questionable tactics – including manipulating voting (see what happened in California’s Orange County, Florida and elsewhere) and creating situations internally and externally to distort the political atmosphere.

The thousands of would-be refugees and asylum-seekers caravans aided by the Democrats and anti -Trump NGOs, like the one in Chicago that even sent lawyers to assist the ‘refugees’ targeted Trump and his policy to manipulate the elections.

They thought they could sweep the polls with these tactics but they only made the elections more complicated, dubious and more unfair.

[Trump has rightly termed these caravans as invasion and sent troops to deter them. The Democrats unquestionably supported the ‘asylum and job-seekers’ and others (including undesirables.)]

One could say my views are biased and I am surely pro-Trump.

Maybe, but this is what I see here and these are the facts.

There are other parts of the scenario:

Most of the so-called moderate Republicans did not fare as well as pro-Trump Republicans. Most of those who sought and got Trump’s backing and vocal support in election rallies got elected. Most of those who kept a distance from Trump could not go far. Most of those who supported the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court – including a Democrat Joe Manchin – won. This justified the President’s stand on the issue and proved the allegations against the Judge did not get many supporters.

The Democrats actually did not have any issue worth the name and merit to fight the elections. They did have the support of the wealthy and the urban/suburban elite electorate but failed to convince the silent majority from rural and smaller states – the common people.

Just hammering the points that Trump is a liar, disrespects women, is racist and is against minorities, are actually non-issues. These allegations have not been substantially and irrefutably proved with any credible and solid evidence.

Even after one and a half years of irrelevant and un-called for Mueller investigation, spending millions and going after peripheral and distant unrelated issues, it has not succeeded in harming Trump. Mueller’s wide-ranging probe of the so-called Russian meddling in elections to favor Trump has totally failed to bring up an iota of truth.

Winding up Mueller investigations are long-overdue.

The real issues in the elections should have been economy (that has been solidifying and growing and brought more money in the hands of the common people, as admitted by even staunch anti-Trump activist-actor Whoopi Goldberg), securing the borders (the Dems want open borders and unchecked immigration, the invasion), reviewing unfavorable trade agreements (like NAFTA) with other countries (which Trump is well on the path of correcting), external threats (Trump tamed North Korea and made it clear that those who are not with us should not expect unlimited help from the US), job creation and lowering unemployment (the job report is flattering and unemployment percentages are much lower than what they were in decades) and tax reforms, among others.

The Democrats did not care for those real issues. In addition, the message of Trump for Making America Great Again, his call for ‘nationalism’ and strengthening American military, all have resonated among the people.

What is wrong with these Trump policies and programs? None!

Despite vehement criticism and unrelenting tirade against Trump personally, he has been able to hold on and even get more for the Senate. That is a big achievement for the President. He was able to promote his ideas and position, and even in the Republican Party he has consolidated his hold. Most of the winning Republicans are Trump-Republicans, by and large.

And this would be reflected in ample measure in 2020 when Trump might be a bigger candidate than what he was thought of in 2016 against Hillary Clinton.

Not an insignificant achievement considering that he is an ‘outsider’ and been in The White House for not even two years. During this period he has been facing unlimited opposition and obstructions by the Democrats. Even former President Barack Obama, discarding all the established precedents for ex-presidents, had jumped in the election fray with rallies and fund-raisers – and claiming credit for the current favorable economic situation.   

The Establishment Republicans and RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) have also learnt their lesson. They are gradually falling by the way side. More would do so in future.    

Regarding voter fraud, suffice it to mention that a majority of those entrusted with impartial conduct of elections have been anti-Trump and have tried to do their best to favor the Democrats. Take the much-talked about case of Orange County and Florida where even after the closing time thousands of ballots appeared, hundreds were mixed up and ballots carted away in private trucks un- supervised and with some boxes remaining on the side-walks after the trucks departed.

What a shoddy show by election officials and the schemes to favor the Democrats!

In Florida, the notorious Broward County Election Supervisor, Brenda Snipes, a Democrat, was responsible for numerous irregularities for years but continued till now. She will be out on Jan. 4, 2019 but, for years has bungled voting till the last one. [A detailed description of her blunders and mismanagement is enumerated online.]

The many NGOs, political ‘volunteers’ and even the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) are guilty of adding illegals and non-citizens to the voters list. Several instances of these growing irregularities have come to notice where homeless, illegals, and other non-citizens were included in the voters’ lists without checking and verifying their status.

The instances of double-voting, irregular, absentee and postal votes, and even the dead on the voters list, are numerous cases of other irregular and unchecked voting system prevailing in many Democratic states. The fact that Democrat-ruled states have opposed the voter ID plan of the federal government is a solid proof of their reluctance to have a free and fair election where ONLY citizens would vote, and the votes are counted in a fair and non-partisan manner without manipulation and suspicion.

President Trump has been emphasizing these issues constantly. 

We hope that lessons learnt and aims defined will make politics fairer, and hopefully, more objective, for 2020. That day is not far.