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Top Court Liberal Justice Ginsburg Gets Big Award

From Pro-China Body

(Liberty Bell) – Recently Ruth Bader Ginsberg was awarded a $1 million prize for “advancing liberal causes,” according to DC Clothesline. Seems so appropriate for one of the nation’s top judges would be awarded money for being liberal when judges are supposed to remain politically neutral and unbiased. The Supreme Court is a joke and has been turned into a political tool, I digress.

The money comes from the liberal, pro-China Berggruen Institute. 

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg scored a $1 million dollar prize thanks to her history of liberal court decisions, though the organization making the payout has a worrying background.

The Berggruen Institute announced that its 2019 Berggruen Prize for Philosophy & Culture would go the Ginsburg, essentially because she’s used her position to advance liberal causes.

“Throughout her career, Ginsburg has used the law to advance ethical and philosophical principles of equality and human rights as basic tenets of the USA,” institute founder Nicolas Berggruen said in a news release.

“Her contributions have shaped our way of life and way of thinking and have demonstrated to the world the importance of the rule of law in disabling discrimination.”

Apparently the money will go to charities of Ginsberg’s choosing. It is most definitely disturbing to see a judge getting this kind of award but what’s even more troubling is the fact that this institute is strongly connected to China.

According to WND, the Berggruen Institute is a “pro-China think tank that unashamedly supports China’s invasive social credit system.” The social credit system is an oppressive system used by the Chinese government to control all aspects of Chinese citizens’ lives. It dictates what kind of jobs people can have, where their children can go to school, and their traveling privileges can even be restricted. This is the exact kind of thing liberals would love to see happen in countries everywhere. Achieving perfect “equality” is the goal of every liberal.

The Institute is also responsible for WorldPost, a “mix of radical environmentalism, anti-right fearmongering and cheerleading for China’s oppressive government,” according to Jared Harris of The Western Journal.

Perhaps the most troubling is the fact that the Institute supports Beijing over Hong Kong and doesn’t seem to understand why Hong Kongers are so adamant about fighting to keep their freedom.

“Only Beijing can help reduce inequality in Hong Kong,” a writer for the Berggruen Institute wrote, “but a large portion of the population view the Chinese government as a threat to their freedom.”

Well geez, could it be because of the roughly 3 million people being held in concentration camps or the social credit system or the complete lack of freedom in China that makes Hong Kongers view the Chinese government as a threat to their freedom? They are right to be afraid of communist Chinese rule.

This is who gave $1 million dollars to Ginsberg for her support of liberal causes. If Trump does not win a second term we should be very, very concerned about the future of America in the hands of liberals.