Trump clear and impressive in his State of the Union Speech

Yatindra Bhatnagar

The critics will always remain that. The Democrats will never give any credit to the Republicans, and to Trump – never. But the first State of the Union speech of President Donald Trump, before the joint session of the US Congress deserves definite applause and kudos.

Trump gave an inspiring speech, new hope for the future, new plans for lifting the economy, and unambiguous message to friends and foes overseas.

He tackled the immigration – illegal immigration – judiciously, giving the illegals (Dreamers) also hope for the future. He did not leave them in a limbo but wanted Democrats also to do their share – go along with the plan.

Trump graciously extended his hand of friendship and co-operation to the Democrats who came to show off with black armbands and were seen sulking, booing and displaying utter disgust.

They did not have the decency to stand up when the President of the United States entered. They even showed their indifference and also stubborn attitude when they did not applaud even the non-controversial and patriotic words and message. They were mum when the President said about opening a new chapter of American greatness and also when he reminded the doubting Democrats that Americans also have dreams. (The Democrats and their supporter-friends and activists siding with the illegal ‘dreamers’ should have given a full throated applause for it.)

What’s wrong in saying that Americans also have dreams?

Trump said substantial things about healthcare, jobs and national security that also deserve kudos. But sulking Dems did not change their demeanor. Even the black Congressmen did not appreciate the point the President made that the unemployment rate among the blacks is at an all-time low.

Trump categorically made it clear that America will treat other countries on merits – friends will be helped and enemies will be treated as they are – enemies.

This was a clear message to all, and also worth applauding by all.

Trump honored several veteran and other security force heroes and wives of heroes in his speech – many honorees were seated by, or right behind, the First Lady Melania and were visibly overwhelmed. He specially mentioned about  two young black girls murdered by illegal immigrants – their parents were seated and had tears in their eyes.

Trump’s message was clear – no more illegal immigrants, no more amnesty, no more unvetted immigrants.

No wonder Trump’s speech was welcomed and applauded by a big section of the audience dozens of times with standing ovation. The Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Vice President Pence were seated behind the President on a little higher podium and constantly cheered.

The President spoke slowly, clearly in measured tones with conviction and paused when needed; all that made a big impact. He was positive throughout and uplifting, full of hope for making America Great Again, as he maintains. He did not exaggerate, did not make tall claims but kept his speech to a considerably even keel.

As one of the comments rightly echoed the general sentiment: “It must be killing Nancy P. to sit there and watch Pres. Trump hit a home run.”

Indeed he hit a Home Run and he deserved applause by the whole audience.

Another comment was: “Pelosi was chewing on her dentures the whole time.”


No wonder even CBS, not a friend of the President, admitted that in their poll 80% Americans applauded and welcomed the speech. You may call it State of the Union or just address to the joint session of Congress, doesn’t matter, but give the President a chance and wait for 2020.