Random Recollection

Waiting for the Star to Descend

Yatindra Bhatnagar

The Sky is studded with stars and we have names for many of them. They are millions of light years (mind-boggling miles) away and cannot directly illuminate our earth. However, we can still see thousands of them, cherish them, worship them, have our wishes connect with them and make them our partners for life.

The stars are part and parcel of us, in our songs, on our minds and in our thoughts.  Sometimes we get stars in our lives, on this earth, with us, and in our hearts.

Some stars descended from the sky to enrich my life and some have left. One, the most cherished of them all, Sadhana, my wife of about 55 years, also left me last year. But while she was with me she illuminated my life with her devotion, love, dedication, care, and compassion for all. She also dazzled all of us with an exhibition of her varied talents as a homemaker, radio talk show host and participant, singer, poet and painter, a friend, an inspiration and a good mother and grandmother. She also gave me several stars in the form of our daughters, Sujata and Seema and their husbands, Mujtaba and Randeep and a grandson-in-law, Khushal.

We got our first granddaughter in the eighties, our first grandson in the nineties, and two twin granddaughters nine years back who came as our life-lines. And now yet another star is coming very soon. The star granddaughter - the first - Tamanna Roashan, who is herself carrying a little one, is absolutely convinced - and all of us go with her - that Sadhana (her Nani) is coming back in the form of my great granddaughter.

A hearty welcome from me, my dear newest star!

I have ‘seen’ and heard her from near and felt her movements. No matter if she was well protected inside a body I could convey my love and blessings to her anytime, from anywhere and hope they reach her. I am eagerly waiting for her to be born, to be in my arms and sit on my lap, climb on my shoulders – the same relations I had with both the daughters Sujata and Seema, our first granddaughter Tamanna, and Seema’s twins Nisha and Shivani who came later. Wish there would have been more opportunities for me to bond with my only grandson, Arjun, when he was growing up. They have all given me the kind of joy and happiness only a Papa, a Grandpa and now a Great Grandpa could experience.

About the coming star’s Mom, Tamanna, whom I saw first time when she was just nine months young, I am very close to her since then. I have played with her, lifted her above my head, helped in dressing her, witnessed her playful antics, took her to, and picked her up from school, and encouraged her to follow her dreams. I have also tried to protect her from the ‘outsiders’ and gave her all the love and blessings I could. She has been, and still is, very close to me, and to us all.

She is the one that convinced us, more like blackmailed us, Sadhana included, to move from San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles to live at a shouting distance from her. She had literally refused to even get pregnant until we all lived closer.

A multi-talented, super-imaginative, unbelievably hard-working and amazingly creative individual, Tamanna, is now creating a new world for herself, and all of us around her to add to this star-studded family. You have to see the nursery she has made for the baby, yet to come. It is a piece of art with so much creativity, motherly love and hopes. The baby is going to be the luckiest girl, and we, the luckiest relatives. 

God bless her and God bless the incoming star to become the brightest star to shine our lives and blow away all the blues of the last year.