Random Recollection


Yatindra Bhatnagar

In today’s vicious, partisan political fights even the definition of words

has changed. The fashion is to become ‘progressive’ and even socialist – which is clubbed as the LEFT. All the others like conservatives and nationalists are the RIGHT.

In other words, and for a relentless fight about one’s ‘idealism’ the Left has become the Right, and the Right has become Wrong. Wow!

Now the liberals, so-called democrats, leftists and the so-called anti-racists, secular and progressives are also, surprisingly, getting help from the radicals and are fighting those who are basically nationalists and  patriots, and want to make their country great once again.

The irony is that being nationalist and patriot is regarded as unacceptable, a stigma, and unwanted status and those people are blasted as White Supremacists. This is just not true, but the Left doesn’t care.

This trend of becoming leftists, progressives, socialists and liberals has not gone well with any country. History is a proof that the so-called socialists and the Left have ruined countries where the common people have suffered. This ideology has been rejected by constituents of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Even the pioneers of this policy -  Lenin-Stalin and their successors - failed to keep their herd intact and they had to accept a change.

Its latter-day biggest follower, China, changed the socialist ideology so much that it’s not even recognizable. The authoritarianism remains, all the progressive ideas have usurped people’s freedom and all the real human rights of legitimate people living in your countries are suppressed or ignored.

Those crying their hearts out for freedom and democracy among the Left and liberals are themselves going against it. They don’t allow others the freedom, they oppose the rights of others and they openly display their anti-nation conduct. This is happening all over the campuses in America where radical left is considered RIGHT and the conservative and the RIGHT ideas are dubbed WRONG. They not only voice their opposition to the Right but oppose them aggressively and violently.

They favor open borders getting millions of un-vetted ‘refugees’ of all shades and background, make sanctuary cities to shield and defend criminals, have activist judges, export jobs overseas in the name of globalization and make school and college campuses an open playground for radical, anti-nation and anti-tradition, and promote the  alien ideology and way of life. They would allow foreign laws, radical education and whatever is anti-nation to be freely spread and advocated  in this country.

In addition, these elements don’t want a thorough revision and updating the voters’ lists all over the country. They oppose the Voter ID that is designed to safeguard and ensure correct voting. They don’t want a ‘Citizen’ column in the next census. Their intentions are clear – power grab by any, and all, means.

Take the example of the Anthem and The Flag. Insulting these two symbols of the nation is regarded as FREE SPEECH. Introduction of radical and alien ideas, laws and studies in schools and colleges is ‘progressive’ and a step toward ‘globalization.’

The nationalists, the real people won’t have it. 

Of course this globalization, diversity, accommodation, liberalism, humanity and tolerance – all that is one-sided. They have, especially during the eight years of a socialist, globalist and progressive president who wanted ‘redistribution of wealth and transforming the country’ gone to extremes and are still stuck with THAT trend and THOSE leaders.

This ideology is in stark contrast with what the American Constitution guarantees and what the framers of the great document envisaged.

And for all that they harp on the Right being Wrong and the Left being Right.

The height of hypocrisy and the depth of desperation!