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Who's a role model?

Yatindra Bhatnagar

‘Sir’ Brian Crosby on Donald Trump not being a role model is amusing. He claims he is an ‘independent’ but comes up as a bitter foe of Trump with nothing good about him.

Crosby forgets Hillary Clinton’s numerous acts of omission and commission, so I presume, he wants open borders, opposes tax incentives to big business to invest and create jobs. He is not an advocate of a strong America – militarily and economically. Conflict of interest is OK; he turns a blind eye as $8 billion in the state department disappear. He is for huge influx of ‘refugees’ from radical Islamist countries engaged in terrorism. For him it’s OK to declare “we are dead broke” and then raising hundreds of millions for a foundation by misusing official position and distributing favors.

He doesn’t care if many women accuse a certain president for gross misbehavior (to put it mildly) but are callously targeted and their allegations dismissed as a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” And what about ‘friends’ paying big money for a night in the Lincoln bedroom – a part of the nation’s White House ‘rented out’ for personal gains!  

Crosby ignores frequent lies and thinks bad words are more dangerous than bad actions. He condones manipulating the mainstream media, Benghazi murders, deleting thousands of e-mails and “extreme carelessness” in handling state matters. A fraction of similar ‘careless’ actions got others jailed. Crosby doesn’t mention these.

And Sir, that distinguishes Trump from Hillary.

Trump may not be a role model. Hillary is far from it. But Trump wants a safe, secure, strong and prosperous America - and these are the most important issues before the nation.

[This was printed in Glendale News Press, with the heading “Columnist Got it Wrong,”

Oct. 29-30, 2016]