Random Recollection

Who should be in jail?

Yatindra Bhatnagar

A die-hard anti-Trump letter-writer, Marco Delano, recently wrote in the local Pasadena Weekly, wanting President Donald Trump in jail.

However, he doesn’t say why, because probably, he has no reason why he wants that. Many want to punish President Trump but don’t know, or don’t have any reason why; why they oppose him, blast him all the time and support the Impeachment of the President of the United States?

They and their Democratic mis-leaders and misguided ‘just haters’ are trying hard to destroy the man who has done nothing against the nation except that he wants to Make America Great Again. And that he won in 2016 defeating the darling of the Democratic, liberal, leftist, and some Hollywoodians of this country.

And, obviously that’s a crime in the eyes of these people who are behaving like they are the enemies of the nation and friends of those who want to destroy America. Those enemies could not get better friends than Trump-hater politicians in this very country.

Since these people don’t know why they hate Trump and why Trump should be behind bars, I may help them find some reasons.

Here they are: 

Trump wants, and is doing his best, to secure the borders, give a big boost to economy and create more and more jobs and reduce the number of unemployed Americans, and a hundred more things he promised before the elections in 2016 and since then has done so much for economic growth that the Democrats are at their wits end to find any fault with him on these matters.

But they have to, somehow, bring him down and for that they are trying every trick in the world and doing everything under the Sun, over the surface and under it doing everything secretly and preventing even the elected Republican lawmakers to peep into whatever the Trump-haters  are doing behind closed doors.

They know one thing, and are desperate about it: Impeach him and send him behind bars.

Their faithful followers with blindfolds, probably including Marco, want Trump and his entire family behind four walls.

But as I maintain, he and his leaders can’t find a reason, any reason.

Here is how I can help them: I have many reasons.

Some of the reasons are:

Trump has failed to jail leaders and their supporters who keep on dividing and weakening this country, who continue to subvert and misuse the Constitution, keep supporting ‘open borders’ to allow unchecked influx of ‘refugees,’ and have declared some cities and states as ‘sanctuary’ for illegals, felons and other serious criminals in violation of the nation's laws.

Trump also has, so far, failed to send to jail those who destroyed thousands of e-mails using private servers for government use breaching national security. Their enablers have been given immunity by the previous administration and all those have, so far, escaped the dragnet that should have nabbed long back.

Trump has not punished those who were elected to serve their constituents but for nearly three years have engaged only in a war on the President wasting millions of tax payer dollars in the Russian Collusion hoax, racial attacks, unproven sexual allegations and traps related to years before he was even close to political activities. There were other flimsy and trivial things like he had extended his hand for his wife Melania and she did not grasp it while getting out of the plane. There were other types of continuous witch hunt and even political lynching.  The Democrats have not been doing their duty, neglecting their districts leaving them full of homeless people, filth and fire, and mismanagement of economy but with huge taxation.

Big cities such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles are examples of Democrat’s mismanaged administration.

Still their leaders are not punished; they continue to neglect their own duties, and still keep crying for ‘Impeachment’ of the President.

They are trying to twist the meaning of ‘lynching’ and don’t want to know that apart from physical, lynching can also be political, and that they are relentlessly indulging in it to trap the President before the elections next year. They know in their hearts that it’s very difficult for them to defeat Trump next year so get him out, destroy him, by any means foul, unfair and crooked.

Yes, the President should be held responsible for not acting against those who have no other job but to try and negate the results of 2016 election where their leader was defeated and Trump himself triumphed.

And of course, the biggest charges against the President are that he has cut taxes, put more money in the common man’s pocket (though a bitter Whoopi Goldberg might say: So What?), has created more jobs, brought unemployment to a record low level, achieved big strides in manufacturing jobs, and got increased retail spending. Trump also has strengthened the military, revised several trade deals with other nations to benefit the US (the latest being deal with Japan worth billions of dollars), made the country self- reliant (and a net exporter) on oil and gas – all after decades.

Additionally, he has taken more than 200 other measures to Make America Great Again, including attracting billions of dollars of foreign investment in America.

But that’s the problem: He wants to Make America Great Again and the opponents are allergic to that statement and that goal.

His crimes: In the 30 months or so Trump has fulfilled dozens of promises he made before the elections (others had never done that) and continues to do that despite a series of obstruction, criticism and all-out war by the opponents that has never been seen against any president in America’s history.

Big Crime? 

Think again haters!