You Keep Killing, We are defiant


Yatindra Bhatnagar 

Attacks on innocents continue. More attacks, more killings. You attack in Kabul at a funeral and kill those who gather to mourn a young man who opposed your violence. You kill people visiting monastery in Egypt. You attack parliamentarians in Iran. You keep attacking and killing cops and soldiers in Kashmir (India). And you also kill innocent people in a resort in the Philippines and Mali. You also attack and kill cops in Israel. You also kill people just strolling and enjoying sights on London Bridge or listening to music in a concert. 

You attack to kill cops in California shouting Allah-u-Akbar. 

Yes god is great but you think your god is greater and you kill in his name. 

You don’t spare your own people in even in Pakistan. You attack mosques with no concern about the faithful. And you keep killing brutally in Iraq and Syria and other places where people overwhelmingly follow your faith.

Now the news from Saudi Arabia that an attack was planned on the historic and the largest mosque in Mecca – luckily foiled and the attacker blew himself up.

Where will these things stop? Muslims attacking Muslims in a Muslim land, during the Muslim Holy Month and in the citadel of Islam! It’s happening when the Eid festival of joy and happiness is around the corner. What's seriously wrong with this picture? Religion? Preachers? Teachings? Followers? Or What?

Perhaps the policies that first encouraged killings, attacks, sabotage, infiltration, conversion, hatred, authoritarian culture, strict laws, lack of 'real' education, lack of 'real' teachers, medieval customs, and obsolete ideas. Perhaps all the above and much more. What you sow, so shall you reap.

Attacks on mosques in Saudi Arabia and other countries have taken place. More attacks planned - everywhere. Now what? Serious discussion, serious action, serious cooperation and serious re-thinking needed, soon, today, right now. Or the doomsday will be right at your - our - door. 

Actually, you kill more people of your own religion everywhere in the world. You even destroy your own ancient mosques (Syria-Iraq) and other historic places.  

You forget the Holy month of Ramadan, you keep doing your job and it seems you do it with more vigor in the Holy Month. 

You attack in Paris again. You do it in Belgium again. You do the same in America. You don’t care if the European countries were the first in the last few years to welcome you as refugees from war-torn countries or elsewhere. They flung open their borders and hearts to you despite the fact that you are VERY DIFFERENT from the mainstream Europeans. 

The EU leaders don’t care much for the locals, their hearts bleed for you. But many of you repay by killings, destruction, violent protests and demands of more rights and privileges. You get your own ‘secure areas’ where you want - and have  - your laws to prevail, laws that kept you in bondage, laws from which you fled but now you want others to take care of you and follow your laws. 

When you flee your countries for whatever reason, you don’t seek refuge in other  countries that follow your religion, your customs, your life style, your holy book and your laws. You want to live in democracies, free and liberal countries where you are free even to blame the hosts for all your problems, demand more rights and privileges, your own places of worship. You get all that but still some of you kill, maim and destroy in the hope of going to heaven and getting more of everything there. ‘Somebody’ tells you that but that somebody himself doesn’t want to go to heaven, he wants you to go and for that you have to kill the innocents. 

People like me don’t want to, but many are ‘Politically Correct,’ and will not describe you as radical, extremist or jihadi. Your acts incite others in many other parts of the country, and the wide world, to attack and kill innocent civilians, the law enforcement people, and other defenders of  borders and lives of innocent people. You couldn’t care less. You love death more than life. You think you are doing that for your god, in his name and that he wants you to kill others. How stupid, how naïve, how fanatic – and how dangerous!  

Many defend you. They say 1. You are not Muslim; 2. You are brainwashed; 3. You are brainwashed by ‘others.’ And frequently in many parts of the world, you are hailed as martyrs, freedom fighters and patriots. How disgusting!  

And when many accept that you are the ‘miscreants’, misguided, and so on, your defenders say people like you are in a hopelessly small minority – not more than

one percent of the population. 

That’s scary: one percent of 1.6 billion! That is a huge number -16 million people who are fanatics, brainwashed, miscreants, brutal, lawless, violent, terrorists out to kill, maim and destroy. 

This is the largest army in the world. Many armed with the most modern weapons. Some use planes and trucks and vans, many use bombs, rockets and grenades and other explosives, also knives and machetes to kill and maim and destroy. 

That’s an unending violent drama played regularly; somewhere or the other every single day. 

That’s real scary! 

But you can rest assured, America’s many courts and their judges – mostly appointed by liberal, socialistic and progressive presidents will not ban your entry. Many of the judges forget their judiciary role; they become ‘bleeding heart liberals’ and activists forgetting their nationalism, patriotism and their oaths to protect the Constitution and the laws to safeguard their country. 

The courts don’t want us to even strictly vet ‘refugees’ from your countries. We are supposed to accept you, your life style, your laws, and tolerate your hatred for us. We don’t see or hear what your preachers – local or imported – tell you. We are told that Imams in UK don’t want to do the ‘final prayers’ and burials for those of you who died when the cops shot you. But we also know that you attended their places of worship and heard their sermons before you acted in an inhuman way. 

We should accept that Londoners are safe under Mayor Sadiq Khan’s watch, be it at the concert, or London Bridge – or even in the multi-storied tower fire that violated all the safety rules and his office did nothing. We will not ask Khan or anyone else to own responsibility for continued recruiting for jihad and ISIS,   frequent attacks and also violations of the laws - and resign. 

But we are committed to accept thousands of you, daily, and settle you in our country and our states. That’s what the previous rulers burdened us with and we probably cannot change that. Under president Obama’s watch we eased economic sanctions against Iran and sent billions of dollars to the regime in Tehran to those who want only death to America and want to make atomic bombs. This transfer of tons of money on special flights was not sanctioned by Congress. Wow! 

And surprise, European countries are helping you even by punishing those that don’t want you and who warn their countries about the dangers - while you keep attacking, killing, terrorizing and creating all kinds of problems there. 

We, in America, especially some populous and liberal, states, will keep fighting the president on climate change and strict vetting of the ‘refugees’ from your countries. Our liberals fight Trump for trying to secure the borders to prevent infiltration of illegal aliens. Those liberals focus on investigating alleged Russian ‘meddling’ in our elections, and they blast everything the president does. They want to keep up the pressure on the president. They are sore, but angry, losers.

They don’t take their defeat lightly. They plan more political revenge in more non-political and un-civil manner. They plan more ugly fights with more fake news. 

We don’t have the will or time or money to challenge them - and you, fight and finish you.   

However, we, especially in California, have budgeted millions to oppose deportation of illegal aliens and to defend those in courts who habitually violate our borders, over- burden our economy and frequently commit other crimes too. We will continue to offer ‘sanctuary cities’ and ‘sanctuary states’ for them and spend hundreds of millions of our tax-dollars on them without screening them. 

We are humane, generous and have plenty of money and keep adding to the national debt for you. It’s okay if we have no money for our own homeless people and veterans, the law enforcement officers, and roads, our kids and their schools. 

And finally, we are defiant. We are resilient. We go to concerts. We drink beer. Our spirits are high. World leaders have sympathy for us. More words. More offers of help. It’s our fault to react or demand stern action against terrorists and illegals. 

We will go about our daily business and you keep killing, and saying, “this is for Allah.’ Heaven is surely waiting for you. 

Who are we to question that? God is Great!