Volume 17 Number 8                                                                      17th Year of Publication                                                                                       August 11, 2017


China’s Menacing March Everywhere
Gone are the days when friendship based on principles of co-existence and live-and-let-live ideals were followed, respected and admired. They made the world comparatively safer, peaceful and cooperative.
That doesn’t mean there were no wars, no conflicts, and no armed confrontations. They were many. However, now it has become a popular policy and one of the biggest modern-day powerhouses, China, has been systematically pursuing and spreading it at will. China has done in areas from North-east India, Pakistan, and South China Sea to the Far East, to South Asia, to Africa and Latin America also.

Random Recollection 

Independent India, the Long Struggle

I am one of the lucky ones who saw the Sun of free India rising on 15th August 1947 in Delhi and also witnessed and heard India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru when he hoisted the Tri Color (Tiranga) from the ramparts of the historic Red Fort as he addressed the newly-independent people, a day later.

Nehru gave his historic speech before members of the newly set up Constituent Assembly and many other prominent people in the Central Hall of the Parliament of India, in New Delhi, right at midnight of August 14-15 heralding Independence. Nehru’s “A Tryst with Destiny” speech is one of his greatest speeches and an historic one referring to the ancient and promising more for the future.

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