Volume 18 Number 2                                                                        18th Year of Publication                                                                                     March 11, 2018


Karnataka, Modi’s next target
Yatindra Bhatnagar

Ever since Narendra Modi took charge of national politics in India and succeeded in getting a huge majority for his Bharatiya Janata Party in Lok Sabha to form the government four years back, he has been conquering new grounds, in the country and abroad. With his frequent visits outside India he has charmed his hosts, inspired the Indian diaspora and forged relations to benefit the country. He is now an acknowledged world leader, whatever puny leaders in India might say or whine about.  

Domestically, he has been expanding the reach of his party (BJP) beyond the conventional sphere of influence. Under his inspiring leadership, the ceaseless work of BJP president Amit Shah, and the ever growing band of regional leaders and selfless workers have enabled the party to expand exponentially. The successes BJP has achieved, barring isolated instances of losing some seats here and there, is phenomenal. BJP has been capturing citadels of the Congress Party regularly.

Random Recollection 

Fraud, the growing industry

Yatindra Bhatnagar

With the general economic activity and mechanization, come development, growth and also unemployment, discontent and fraud. The human brain invents methods to get easy money and frauds, scams , hacking of the sensitive data, identity theft and the like are also growing.

Millions of not-so-smart people are made victims of these tricks and frauds. I have also been a victim of some and it becomes quite difficult to get out of it unless you are clever enough, and resist the temptation.  One of the recent frauds I experienced is being played on unsuspecting customers by some companies.

Reputed companies send you a flyer inviting you to order some items at up to 90% of the original cost. You like the thing and order without realizing that somewhere, in small print, is the condition that by ordering that particular item you agree to receive regularly other items at the original cost which would be up to ten times what you paid for the first one.

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