Volume 17 Number 6                                                                      17th Year of Publication                                                                                           June 24,, 2017


You Keep Killing, We are defiant
Attacks on innocents continue. More attacks, more killings. You attack in Kabul at a funeral and kill those who gather to mourn a young man who opposed your violence. You kill people visiting monastery in Egypt. You attack parliamentarians in Iran. You keep attacking and killing cops and soldiers in Kashmir (India). And you also kill innocent people in a resort in the Philippines and Mali. You also attack and kill cops in Israel. You also kill people just strolling and enjoying sights on London Bridge or listening to music in a concert.

Random Recollection

Ramesh Bhaisahab (Agrawal), RIP

While living in India, New Delhi till 1983, I did not know Ramesh  Chandra Agrawal. I came to know him closely for only three years after that and will never be able to stop remembering, admiring, applauding Ramesh Ji for all the good qualities of a nice human being and for the courage and boldness of a pioneer and explorer. He was a visionary entrepreneur who never stopped thinking ahead, planning and succeeding in a remarkable way.