Volume 19 Number 5                                                                        19th Year of Publication                                                                             June 24, 2019


Loving the illegals, ignoring
our own
Yatindra Bhatnagar

The state of California, once the Golden State is on a path of economic and moral ruin.

The trend was started a long time back with liberal Governor Jerry Brown that’s now continuing aggressively with the new one, Gavin Newsom, a more liberal.

California is already a heavily taxed state and by accepting hundreds of thousands of illegal ‘refugees’ and giving them ‘a sanctuary city and state’ and also all kinds of facilities the burden on taxpayer is going to increase manifold. Recently the state became more generous to the illegals by deciding to provide them with Medical, that’s denied to a big number of ‘regular’ residents of California.

Who is going to pay for this additional burden? Obviously, those who are the ‘regulars’ and also those who are denied the facility! Wow! 

Random Recollection 

Dividing the society, country

Yatindra Bhatnagar

Politics does make an ordinary person, some kind of extra-ordinary one. That doesn’t always mean that the person becomes better. He or she may become bitter, cynic, liar, rabble-rouser, narrow-minded, selfish, anti-this and anti that with a one-track mind – how to get votes and power.

Of course, that one and only aim sometimes fails them, they get beaten, defeated, frustrated and so on. Still what we say in Hindi, Rassi jal gayee par bal - or aithan -  naheen gayee (even after being burnt the rope doesn’t lose its twisted form ).

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