Volume 18 Number 6                                                                        18th Year of Publication                                                                         September 11, 2018


Look who's talking
Yatindra Bhatnagar

Look who's talking!

He is former president Barack Obama.

The Man who divided the nation, politicized important government departments, weakened the military, opened the borders for illegals and the so-called refugees – including radicals and criminals -  who wanted the United Nations to control life, property, waters, arms and other rights of the American people, is now talking, and talking loudly.

The man who could not fight terrorism and disparaged and insulted the law enforcement, has the audacity to come up again and bring chaos to democracy and the nation.

Random Recollection 

I survived

Yatindra Bhatnagar

Iam happy to report that I have survived, I am alive, I came out of the 10-day ‘ordeal’ without any – or much – of the side-and –after- effects I was warned of. I seem to feel that I am almost the same person I was before that ‘ordeal.’

I did not have nausea . I did not have diarrhea . I did not suffer from dizziness, may be slightly sometimes. I don’t think I have suffered from any serious or permanent tendon damage, nerve problem in the arms or legs, or a nervous system problem. 

There was no pain , no temperature and not even any slight  numbness/tingling/vibration/lasting headache , even vision change, shaking (tremors), seizures, mental/mood changes, anxiety , confusion, hallucinations or depression.

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