Volume 19 Number 1                                                                        19th Year of Publication                                                                     February 14, 2019


Strange Bedfellows in Indian
Yatindra Bhatnagar

India’s politics, by and large, has been a curious mix of strange bed-fellows coming together for grabbing a chunk of votes and lucrative power even if they cannot hope to get a majority. The Congress Party of towering leaders is no more; it is in the hands of novice, rabble-rousers and unscrupulous new leadership that doesn’t have the large picture of making a great, prosperous and safe India.

These people, and the so-called leaders, want power, by any means, even if to get it they have to cobble up some kind of hodge-podge of an arrangement with parties who have been bitter enemies. The larger party thinks that by getting some others will give them a majority. The smaller and regional satraps think that making a sort of coalition may give them some pieces of the bigger pie. Maybe they can act as king-makers.

Random Recollection 

Ungrateful and Opportunist

Yatindra Bhatnagar

Recently, the former topper in the Indian Administrative Service, Shah Faesal, resigned from the service, the most prominent civil service in India. Faesal is from the state of Jammu & Kashmir, and he is the first ‘Kashmiri’ to have topped the prestigious service exam.

India is a free country and anyone can rise to the top and resign and go away. But Faesal’s reasons are at the most one-sided and at worst are highly malicious, and even treasonous.

He said he resigned to ‘protest against killings in Kashmir by the government .’

Coming from a man whose father was killed by a terrorist! This man had no words to condemn his father’s killers, and all those indulging in terror-killings, but condemns those who are actively engaged in battling the terrorists and even putting in their own lives on the line.


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