Volume 19 Number 2                                                                        19th Year of Publication                                                                 March 25-28, 2019


No Collusion with Russia, Trump
cleared by futile ‘witch hunt’
costing 25 million
Yatindra Bhatnagar

Whatever hair-splitting the Democrats, the fake news media and other anti-Trump left and liberals have started doing after the Mueller report came out,  there is no evidence that Donald Trump and the Russians had any collusion nor the President did anything to obstruct justice in the investigation.

That is the effective and conclusive gist of two-years of extensive investigation against the president, the like of which was never done anytime.  The end result, to the utter disappointment of the Democrats and dismay of the anti-Trump mainstream media and the liberal-left, was out this week to boost the chances of Donald Trump for re-election in 2020.

Random Recollection 

Strange are the ways of the Judiciary

Yatindra Bhatnagar

The judiciary is supposed to be saner, more intelligent and more far-sighted than us, ordinary and normal people. However, some of the  judgements of these learned, honorable men and women have been utterly ridiculous, absolutely wrong and totally improper.

In many cases, in this country, some lower court judges are elected, not appointed. They are voted by people and their campaign involves supporters and opponents, money and campaigning, and also possible improprieties not befitting a judge. In many cases, even Sheriffs are elected with all those campaigning, money and related stuff involved.

The results in giving verdicts and taking action undoubtedly get colored. No human can really rise above all the bonding with undesirable things and people and ideas and temptation – and questionable judgements.  


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