Volume 17 Number 11                                                                     17th Year of Publication                                                                               November 9, 2017


Crackdown in Kashmir is a Must
The Government of India has had enough. The previous Congress government was always hobnobbing with the separatists (meaning traitors) of Jammu & Kashmir state and gave them all the opportunities and also money and other facilities to carry on their anti-Indian activities at will.
This government has said, enough.

In the recent past several raids by National Investigation Agency (NIA) have been conducted on the homes of separatist leaders accused of aiding and funding terrorist activities in Jammu & Kashmir state. Stone-pelters have for a long time been given money to do that. For some time after demonetization it had slowed down and stopped. Now again it has been resumed, though, not as frequent as before.

Random Recollection 

Remembering Old friends but No Contacts

In course of an active life of over 88 years – 70 of which as a journalist-author-poet – I must have met thousands and made friends hundreds of people. It’s said that in your lifetime you will meet at least 10,000 people. In my profession meeting people was one of the essentials – you can’t be shy and function effectively as a journalist.

I have met people from all the continents and a hundred countries, if not all the 194 UN member-nations. Some I met in India, some in my travels to other countries where I met not only the locals but also the visiting foreigners. It was like a merry-go-round, or musical chairs or a train journey or a flight, or attending a meeting, a class or a tour. I have done all that and much more and met those thousands. In India I must have met thousands of Indians from all walks of life , in various cities and states. However, I am not able to remember, or recall, a large number of them for various reasons – lack of enough contact, lost contact, moved out of cities, countries, and sadly deaths.

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