Volume 20 Number 2                                                                        20th Year of Publication                                                               September 26, 2020


Enough is enough

Yatindra Bhatnagar

For months the big cities and states in America, mostly ruled by the Democrats, have abandoned their common people, their businesses and even their law enforcement agencies. They have allowed mobs to rule, riot, destroy, burn down and attack the Police, federal establishments, public and private places and even memorials and statues of national heroes and honored patriots.

Starting with the Black Lives Matter movement in the aftermath of alleged police brutality on Blacks, this movement has grown to be a monster that threatens to destroy the very country that gave them the freedom to protest.

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Random Recollection 

The Fake and Biased media

Yatindra Bhatnagar

There was a time when we were told that “News is sacred, comment is free.” That means you have to report news as it is, no injecting your own bias, interpretation or twist. It cannot be opinionated. For comments, you are free to do it, give your opinion, blast or praise whatever was in the news.

However, you cannot be dishonest even in your comments, don’t take things out of context, don’t distort the facts and don’t let your writing show your total bias, partisanship and falsehood,

All these applied if you are a media person. If you are not then sky is the limit for your prejudice, dishonesty, falsehood and the like.

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