American elections and two Ex-presidents, poles apart

Yatindra Bhatnagar

This year’s American elections will forever be remembered, among other things, by two ex-presidents, George W. Bush and Barack Hussain Obama playing roles that are poles apart.

While Obama, reported to be the riches ex-president (getting most of his wealth after leaving The White House) going full blast in the campaign for the Democrat Party and its candidate Joe Biden, Bush kept extra distance from his party candidate, and current, president Donald Trump.

Obama, initially was reported to be not favoring Biden, his own Vice President for eight years. However, he came around when, presumably, he found the aging (and unstable) Biden would be the president in name only giving him and his ‘people’ all the power to ‘transform’ the country as he wishes. What Hillary was expected to do would be done by Biden-Kamala Harris duo.

And so Obama and his equally active wife, Michelle, plunged head-long into the campaign that is, basically, anti-Trump to try and resurrect their mission to ‘transform’ America and take it to the path of socialism.

They want the American people to forget what socialism has done to several other countries, with disastrous results. But they are there to ‘transform’ America as we know it, and would encourage anarchy that aims to destroy the great country we admire. 

The divider-in-chief, Barack Obama, whose wife became proud of America only when her husband was nominated and endorsed by the Democrats to contest for President, is now playing an important part in Biden-Harris campaign. Lately, Michelle became more vocal defending the widespread riots, looting, chaos and wholesale unrest in the country hailing that as a step toward black progress. Both Barack and Michele were conspicuous with their silence on the riots, they never condemned them, rather, in many ways defended and encouraged them.

On the other hand, George Bush kept his distance from the elections, from the Republican Party, and more so from President Trump. He did not endorse Trump, did not take any part in the campaign for him or for his Republican party that made him president for eight years. Even many of his associates have enthusiastically endorsed Biden. 

While Obama had his ideology, Bush probably has his own personal grudge. Remember another Bush, George Bush’s younger brother Jeb, was aspiring to become the Republican nominee but Trump trounced him in the primaries.

You get it.

So George Bush is not bothered about the election, its outcome or anything happening to the country he led for eight years if the Democrats win. He is busy selling his CBD oil.

That’s disappointing! That’s shameful! That’s disgusting!

And Obama continues on his campaign to bring back someone who might pick up from where he left – as Hillary couldn’t continue – his dream of ‘transforming’ America and take it to its socialist path. That would be with more politicizing the departments of the government, sowing more seeds of division among the people. That would also be  disrupting the nation’s history, traditions, values, religion, culture, freedoms and individual entrepreneurship that made America the greatest nation to which the world’s people flock.

As reported by The American Digest, Biden is still routinely calling a lid on campaigning early in the morning, retreating to his basement to allow running mate (and supposedly more leftist) Kamala Harris, and his supporters in the mainstream media, to do the work for him. Now, the Biden campaign is really calling in the big guns.

A Biden campaign aide told CNN that “President Obama plans to hit the trail soon, in addition to all the other activities he’s undertaken all year in support of electing VP Biden – as he’s said, we all have to do everything we can to win on November 3.”

Obama will step in to help Biden out in some key battleground states that are critical for the Democrat party to win on November 3.

“His schedule has not been finalized, officials said, but states under consideration for his solo appearances include Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and more.”

The Biden campaign is clearly worried that Biden himself cannot sway swing-state voters on his own, hence the last-ditch effort to leverage Obama’s star power to seal the deal.